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What are the differences between the different methods of ingestion?

How should I ingest my mushrooms

Well, any number of ways. The objective is to get active chemicalsin the mushrooms working, (obviously). As most people know, to themajority of shroom eaters, psychedelic mushrooms taste pretty bad (orworse), especially when they're dried. They also have a texture thatcauses them to get stuck in your teeth making your mouth becomeuncomfortable. And the aftertaste tends to linger. Therefore, youprobably want to avoid just chewing and swallowing (although sometrippers enjoy doing it that way).

Here are some suggestions to mask or eliminate the flavor of mushrooms:

Tea is a classic:

Don Quixote's Mint Tea Tek: It Cures What Ales You!

  • Cervantes' favorite way to injest shrooms.

Or, you can put the shrooms in ablender with almost any kind of juice or iced tea. The only detrimentto that method is that the blender will cause the drink to foam up. Ifthere's anything you don't need, it's excess gas, as mushrooms causeenough gastric distress on their own. If you use this method, let themixture rest in your glass for a few minutes and scoop off the foambefore gulping the drink down.

A better way to drink your dose is to grindyour cracker-dry shrooms in a coffee grinder and stir (or use a smallbottle and shake) them into your choice of juice.
You don't need a lot of liquid. Even for a large dose, 6-8 ounces of liquid is more than enough.

The only juice you should avoid using iscarrot juice. For some reason, it's been found to negate the effects ofpsilocin upon ingestion. This is not to say that once you are tripping,carrot juice will bring you down, it probably won't, but it willprevent you from coming up.

Most alternative recipes require the coffeegrinder method of powdering your shrooms. Once the shrooms arepulverised into the consistancy of talcum powder, you can put them inor on practically anything from a peanut butter sandwich to cocktailsauce for your shrimp, to melted chocolate, which when hardened becomes "shroom chocolates".

Keep in mind that the powder-in-liquid method provides for a very fast reaction!!
You can be getting CEVs (closed-eye visuals) in as little as 6-8minutes and the effects increase to near peak levels within 30 minutesof ingestion using this method.

Powdered shrooms can be easily put into gel-caps.

Below are more recipe suggestions;

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