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Tea vs. Tea w/lemon

Preamble: Tea is supposed to reduce nausea, supply a quicker come-up and come-down, also a shorter overall duration. For all it's speed it's supposed to also hit harder, giving a more intense trip. Lemon is supposed to intensify the trip, but I haven't heard any about how it affects on overall duration. My impression is that it doesn't do anything lengthen or shorten, and that it doesn't do anything for nausea.

1st Trip level 2

1.7g dry Unknown Cubensis

Tek Overview: Made tea with lemonade as acidic source

Tek Detailed: Heat 50/50 water/lemon aide to boil, pour immediately piping hot over the chopped shrooms in a cup allowed to steep without added heat. ~10 mins to steep. Strain mushroom mass out keep tea, set aside. And steep shrooms again, with fresh hot 50/50 water two more times for a total of three extractions. Gathered the extractions to a single cup with totaling roughly 16oz of tea, an easily consumable amount, something to keep in mind about the quantity of water used for each extraction.

Trip level 2

Setting; living room.

Overview: Quick come up and down, very mild nausea, practically none. Level 2 experience surpassing expectations with OEVs; fleeting rivers and stretching. Expected a body high and barely noticeable OEVs if any things appearing closer and further etc.

10min: First signs of an altered state. Mild shroom stoning effect.

30min: Gradual intensifying of the body feeling, beginning small surges of nausea, err more like a cramping. Not at all overwhelming, light but present. Surging for a few min then fading away

45min: approaching peak, OEV's beginning, body load stable, no further increase in stoning. Nausea surges dissipating.

1hr: At peak, no nausea. OEV's object slowing growing bigger or smaller, slight waving in walls exaggeration in curves, textured surfaces rolling over like the surface of water boiling when stared at, textured ceiling flowed like river when stared at. Lots of day dreaming, thinking about life. Fun body high like I could twist my nipples forever.

3hrs: Noticing come down, visuals are dissipating.

3.5hrs: Come down just about complete, very noticeably its over, some residual body feeling quickly fading.

4hrs: total base line.

2nd trip, two weeks later

3.5g dry Same Unknown Cubensis

Tek: Made tea same way with zero additive.

Trip level 2

Setting: Same living room as before.

Overview: More nausea, but never becoming sever, ending of bouts about the same. Rise and fall noticeably slower, peak longer lasting. Peak only slightly more intense in the area of body high and mental trippyness, but no noticeable increase in OEV intensity at all. Some increase in CEVs, but too distant overall to explore as a trip.

20min: First sign of an altered state.

30min: Body high more pronounced than 20, nausea more sickly than crampy compared to first time. A little more intense surges but not much.

45min: Come up noticeably slower, wondering, nausea bouts intensifying, worst one felt sickly throw up for a one minute then subside.

1hr: Sensing body load stabilizing, settling down in the new atmosphere, OEV's just around corner but not yet. Feels like nausea bouts are done, residual sickly feeling but gets ignored easily and goes away but seems to return when I think about being sick.

1.5hr: At peak, nausea is gone. But peak is same as first time around, disappointed.

2hr: Eating mushroom mass left over from making tea hoping to get higher up.

2.5: New nausea bouts, just about the same as when coming up. Each bout seems to intensify the trip. Suspect the eaten mushrooms taking effect. Peak starting to surpass 1st time in body high, but not visually. Very twisty nipples. Head space more shroomy, hinting at what lies further in, spuring the imagination of what kind of none visual phenomenon may come. CEVs hinting at storied kaleidoscopic depths but to far away to enter. Thinking about life, wandering thoughts, intended to get up and do something, got lost thought, remember 'Oh yea I was going to get that', got lost in thought again never doing it.

4hr: Come down beginning, I got that thing I was after, distraction not so mesmerizing.

4.5: Come down noticeably slower, especially in body load, visuals are gone, but I can still concentrate and find minor depth perception distortions.

5: baseline, a hint of afterglow.

6: completely baseline

Back Story

This is my first time shrooming ever. I obtained a quarter oz, but I gave away a half eighth to a friend. In planning my first trip ever, I ran into two schools of thought, take an eighth to start %u2013 take half an eighth.

Those that supported a full eighth argued that any less will lack a visual peak, and ultimately leave would be shroomer with more lack luster experience, an inaccurate presentation of what shrooming is about. All the anticipation and nausea of coming up without the pay off. However, everyone has a different body chemistry, and the shroom potency is totally unknown; therefore a half eighth is better idea for the complete noob to gain a foothold of what lies ahead and the kind of reaction they personally will have with the shroom. Peak, nausea, self-control, good/bad trip.

A third option, emerged. Start with a half eighth, wait for onset, get there, and then eat the other half if comfortable. Seemed like a good idea but I had more than just one eighth, so on further thought I opted not to do that. In some trip reports, people had done the same thing, spread out the consumption, but had mindlessly just munched out, eating too much. I didn't want to do that! What ever I would do, it would be deliberate, having a variable plan that relies on the decisions of a unknown altered conscience. Not a good idea, after all I really 'don't know' what to expect. I have an idea of how horrible of a nightmare a bad trip can be, and I want avoid it as much possible allaying as many of my anxieties beforehand as possible, and being as prepared as possible.

Striking a compromise is where tea comes in. With tea there is a faster come up, more intensity as faster absorption, and a shorter over all duration to endure if things go south. Tea has a reputation for reducing nausea. The plan worked out nicely. On the second trip, I was concerned about the shroom power being exponential. Two times the weight, five times the kick. So I decided to not add lemon, so I would rise slower to a more intense trip. So if it was a little heavier than I expected, I could get used it better than a shotgun to the face. This plan kind of backfired, lol. Instead I lost the higher intensity I sought, however I did gain peak time. I also did get a better look at deeper waters even if just a teeny look.

There was a lot of people saying the first trip is the best trip, go big or go home, but I think that applies to the first real trip. A heroic dose, and it shouldn't be the very first one. My intent is to work my way up to it, so when it comes time to jump, I'm combat ready to the gain the most of it.


About adding an acidic something (orange juice, lemon, grapefruit, whatever)

Clearly, the addition of lemon works to intensify the trip. I don't think anything was lost in the tea without lemon, versus chewing without lemon though. But I also think that if I chewed the shroom and drank orange juice I would have had nice balance of coming up slow and long, but coming more strong. Lemon tek tea I think will yield the harder trip over chewing with orange juice, the hardest trip to be had on a given quantity, but it is a tradeoff with shorter duration.

About tea reducing nausea

I did eat the rest of the shroom during both trips, I didn't mention it in the first report because there was no effect at all. However the second time around eating the shroom added to the trip making me think that extraction was incomplete. Also though it added nausea as well, making me think that had I chewed everything up in the beginning the severity of nausea would have been worse.


Acidic juices increase the absorption of the actives. Tea increases the accessibility of the actives but not absorption.

Lemon tek tea:/// high accessibility and absorbency. Hardest but fastest peak, less stomach problems

Tea alone://// High accessibility, with normal absorbency. Normal peak, with less stomach problems

Chewing with addition of orange juice://// Lower accessibility, with high absorbency. Harder but not hardest trip, longer peak, normal stomach problems.

Chewing alone://// Lower accessibility, with normal absorbency. Normal peak, longest of all duration, normal stomach problems

Just guessing :/