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Come learn how to clone!

To understand clones you'll need a quick lesson in fungal biology and genetics

when you order spores you have many varieties of psilocybe cubensis to chose from. These are mistakenly labeled as strains. Golden Teacher, B (pronounced be positive), and every other "strain" you can get your hands on is a VARIETY

the spores that come on a print or in a syringe only know one thing, the only know that their SPECIES is psilocybe cubensis. When they find another spore of the same species they can try to mate. you can mix varieties together if you wish the spores have no way of telling each others man given names apart. mixing two varieties together gives a varietal hybrid, not a true hybrid. Varieties can have infinitely many strains some of which will be poor performing some of which will be amazing performing. Cloning weeds out poor genetics.

when two spores successfully mate together they make a STRAIN, a strain is the genetic resultant of two spores mating. Spores make monokaryotic mycelium, two monokaryotic hyphae mate together and form dikaryotic mycelium, dikaryotic mycelium is a strain.

You may have 100s of strains in a single grow if you start with spores.

Each mushroom that grows will be made up of one or many strains, usually many strains. Rarely will a mushroom grown from spore inoculation be an ISOLATE. An Isolate is the resultant of just two spores mating together, one strain.

When you take a mushroom you grow you can take some of it's inner tissue and put it on a petri dish and it will grow. This mycelium is a clone of the original mushroom. It may be made up of many strains, or rarely it will be a isolate(a single strain).

Clones often perform much better than MS(multiple spore) inoculation grows. The reason being you've limited genetics down to only strain(s) proven to perform well by choosing a viable mushroom for it's genetic material.

Clones are proven performers. If psychedelic mushrooms were legal you would be able to buy STRAINs of psilocybe cubensis. These would be either isolates or clones sent as a liquid culture like edible and medicinal mushrooms are sold.

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