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Registered: 04/13/12
Posts: 1,309
Loc: Tasmania
Last seen: 6 hours, 25 minutes
Helpful and knowledgeable
11/30/21 03:46 PM

For always volunteering helpful IDs and remaining polite while hassled by sockpuppets.
Mushroom Guestimator
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Registered: 10/17/09
Posts: 14,299
Loc: Ilford, England
Last seen: 2 hours, 59 minutes
One of the best
11/30/21 09:42 AM

One of the most knowledgable identifiers on Shroomery. Contributes a lot.
OfflineLand Trout
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Registered: 01/08/18
Posts: 1,308
Last seen: 16 minutes, 43 seconds
Really good with ID
10/19/21 01:18 PM

I often lurk the ID posts and this dudes always helping me learn.  Active quick and on point.

Last Edited 10/19/21 01:19 PM

RenegadeMycologist responded on 10/20/21 06:40 AM:


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Registered: 05/09/15
Posts: 920
Good identifier, cool guy
09/19/21 04:42 PM

MH&I would be worse off without you. I dig your style.
Dahg Rastubfari
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Registered: 03/23/19
Posts: 697
Loc: Memory Flag
07/16/21 04:55 AM

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Registered: 07/13/20
Posts: 1,492
Last seen: 5 hours, 1 minute
Smalltalks Forest helper
07/14/21 06:09 PM

Nice dude

Registered: 04/02/20
Posts: 613
Loc: 5a
Mushroom ID
07/13/21 09:04 PM

Someone make this guy a TI already! Hes a consistently on point human mushroom dictionary; dude knows his shit!
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Registered: 04/03/17
Posts: 1,211
Loc: United States Flag
Last seen: 30 minutes, 59 seconds
Awesome dude
07/11/21 06:12 PM

Chill and respectable person, and a very good Identifier. :rockon:
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 03/22/04
Posts: 2,196
Loc: SA Flag
Last seen: 17 hours, 17 minutes
05/18/21 08:52 AM

A great presence on the forum for IDing mushrooms. Very helpful and a valuable asset.
willy weilii
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Registered: 08/08/19
Posts: 1,528
The guy know his stuff
03/30/21 01:26 PM

certainly a lot more than I. Keep it up with the informative posts my guy :cheers:

RenegadeMycologist responded on 03/30/21 04:41 PM:

Thanks evly ! I appreciate it.
You're probably the best Psilocybe hunter on board right now, and solid in mushroom identification. Love seeing your GA finds.

Pariah of my mind

Registered: 03/18/18
Posts: 2,767
Last seen: 1 month, 22 days
A man amongst the mice
03/29/21 10:22 AM

Always quick to call you out on your bullshit, yet the first one to lend a hand. Never quit being you and I hope to see you around for a long time :hi5:
InvisibleThe Thing
 User Gallery

Registered: 03/01/18
Posts: 1,306
Loc: АبšТядL།å
Very helpful and knowledgable in MH&I forum
03/27/21 05:57 AM

The Renegade is a great contributor to the shroomery!
hearing things
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Registered: 09/08/10
Posts: 16,449
Loc: Norvegr Flag
Last seen: 3 hours, 55 minutes
Knowledgeable member...
02/07/21 02:05 PM

...and great identifier. Really appreciate your presence on the forum! :cool::thumbup:

RenegadeMycologist responded on 02/08/21 07:46 AM:

WoW, i certainly did not expect this, this is a big compliment, and strong wind at my back to learn more.
What do I say, thanks man, You and Alan are really huge inspiration for me.

Horizon-bound meteorite
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Registered: 02/07/15
Posts: 6,138
Loc: Franklin's Tower
Donnie Darko
02/05/21 02:12 AM

feral urbanite

Registered: 09/30/19
Posts: 1,309
Loc: SF, CA, USA
Rep’n Serbia with power and might!
01/25/21 02:19 PM

Good dude dives deep into ID’ing shrooms!

Glad to see you are on MO too thanks for the ID on that Gymnopus last week!
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Registered: 12/03/13
Posts: 434
Loc: Maxico ☼ Flag
Last seen: 1 month, 11 days
12/31/20 10:23 AM

user! :print:

Registered: 03/16/20
Posts: 2,566
Keep up the good work!
12/18/20 09:18 PM

We will find some good mushrooms in our neck of the woods one day man :grin: remember, shrooms find you :mushroom2:
Living the Dream
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Registered: 07/08/20
Posts: 720
Loc: The Clouds
Thanks for sharing shroom pics!
12/15/20 05:30 PM

:mushroom2:Appreciate your knowledge with ID’s.  Thanks for sharing your finds from your location too!:mushroom2:
Not Your Average Bear
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Registered: 10/14/19
Posts: 5,469
Last seen: 31 minutes, 27 seconds
Welcome to the shroomery
12/11/20 08:49 PM

Happy to have Serbian representation!
Offlinethe man
still tappin caps
Other User Gallery

Registered: 08/13/99
Posts: 5,697
Loc: C A N A D A
Last seen: 1 day, 6 hours
comin in
12/06/20 03:18 AM

hot with knowledge!  cheers and welcome!
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