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Male User Gallery

Registered: 09/17/15
Posts: 2,405
Loc: United States Flag
05/18/20 08:42 PM

... for the vast amount of pics of sexy females with big asses you bless the community with. You are that thread homie. :rockon:

Loaded Shaman responded on 05/19/20 04:01 AM:

Thank you, kind friend! Enjoy and stay safe! :sunny:

I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 12/24/12
Posts: 13,084
I'm not a fan of you, and I know the truth you are hiding.
05/10/20 08:11 AM

But I'll go ahead and be nice with two shrooms. Because you at least have those.
And that doesn't make it right, but still.

Loaded Shaman responded on 05/11/20 04:24 AM:

I'm sorry you dislike yourself so much that leaving a stranger you never talk to on this board a 2 star review made you feel fulfilled for the day.

Old Man

Registered: 02/20/19
Posts: 151
Last seen: 10 hours, 48 minutes
05/04/20 10:32 PM

for maintaining the beautiful woman thread

Loaded Shaman responded on 05/10/20 02:23 AM:

Infinite thanks my wonderful friend! Enjoy the daily dose of sanity :sunny:!

The Electric Sceptic
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 03/11/14
Posts: 1,734
You are F A N T A S T I C
04/26/20 01:45 PM

L O V E  A N D  R E S P E C T
G E T S  I T  T O O
:mindblown:  :loveheart:

Registered: 03/06/20
Posts: 830
Loc: Sunshine Province, Canada Flag
Last seen: 4 hours, 1 minute
A Poster of Goods
03/31/20 05:45 PM

Awesome poster and has great taste in big-bootied women.

Also, you're philosophy blog is AWESOME! Great arguments and rationale.

Last Edited 04/03/20 05:52 AM

Loaded Shaman responded on 04/05/20 04:02 AM:

Thanks brother! I haven't written a new piece in over a month. I'm thinking of doing a new series as it relates to the extremes of conspiracy theorists and sheep blinding the reality of situations by being out of reason :sunny:.


train driver pervading a desktop
Male User Gallery

Registered: 08/21/04
Posts: 31,499
Loc: Uranus
Good taste
03/07/20 08:20 AM

Every time I see that you’ve added to the post a picture of someone you think is hot thread, I know that I’m about to see an amazing ass.

Loaded Shaman responded on 03/08/20 04:29 AM:

Thank you, kind Shroomie! It's my daily contribution. Enjoy!


Registered: 12/06/19
Posts: 689
Last seen: 18 minutes, 9 seconds
03/06/20 08:21 AM

Re: Re:


Loaded Shaman responded on 03/07/20 03:31 AM:

Hey mate, thanks for the 5 shrooms! Hope all is well, PM anytime to chat! :sunny:


Registered: 03/08/18
Posts: 444
Loc: Belgium
Has a brain
01/26/20 04:18 PM

Appears to be using it

Loaded Shaman responded on 01/27/20 04:43 AM:

Thank you my friend! I'm getting lots of 5/5 reviews this week; did I say something in particular somewhere that's resonating with Shroomies? :cool:

Not the momma

Registered: 10/18/17
Posts: 1,155
Loc: IL Flag
Last seen: 1 day, 12 hours
It's nice to see
01/24/20 12:26 PM

someone with similar views from time to time

Loaded Shaman responded on 01/25/20 03:30 AM:

Thank you my man! Mind letting me in on what I said/where? Getting lots of reviews lately I wonder if it was my wall-o-text in philosophy/entropy thread LOL :sunny: Thank you! :cool:

 User Gallery

Registered: 09/21/18
Posts: 1,067
Last seen: 1 hour, 8 minutes
this guy is solid
01/21/20 01:24 AM


Loaded Shaman responded on 01/23/20 02:31 AM:

Thanks my man! Idk what I said or where it was that you liked, but cheers! :cheers: :sunny:

OfflineDJ EdS
Mushroom Engineer

Registered: 09/04/16
Posts: 1,492
Loc: UK Flag
Last seen: 7 hours, 4 minutes
Interesting Posts And Blog
01/08/20 01:35 PM

Just found out about ratings on here. Thank you for the kind words, that means a lot. You’re always going to upset / offend the occasional person on here, but that’s never my intention. I’m learning quickly on writing clearly and without bias! I look forward to your posts.

Take care,

Loaded Shaman responded on 01/09/20 03:42 AM:

Hey man thank you so much! All past issues are non-existent. Growth is the only constant. NOW is all there is. See you around and don't be a stranger!

FSM acolyte
 User Gallery

Registered: 07/29/12
Posts: 6,717
Loc: FNQ
Last seen: 5 hours, 40 minutes
Yeah, you're one of the good guys.
01/02/20 04:41 AM

Don't ignore people, there's no safe places in this world.

Buuut, you're a great guy. Overdue rating, keeping on being you brother.

Loaded Shaman responded on 01/03/20 03:09 AM:

Thanks bro! I honestly ignore people because I don't want to have to see their bullshit in my reality, at all. Quality control via the internet. Call it ignorance, I'll accept that label - my reality is bliss without half the dumbfucks here in it LOL :cool:

The few gems are worth it.

Heely rider

Registered: 01/11/15
Posts: 6,940
Loc: Ontario Canada
Last seen: 26 minutes, 25 seconds
Right back at ya dude!
12/07/19 03:27 AM

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 5/5:mushroom2:

Registered: 06/18/10
Posts: 4,113
5 shrooms
11/24/19 11:28 PM

I like u
Male User Gallery

Registered: 09/05/11
Posts: 4,589
Loc: Angel Grove
Last seen: 4 hours, 45 minutes
A Shaman Fully Loaded
11/20/19 01:22 AM

Has made his poetry present
With posts I may have goaded
His response was effervescent
Go toe to toe with this fella
Unless you're feelin' too yella
Cuz he'll bring out your best
In rap battle contest!


Registered: 03/17/19
Posts: 721
Loc: Deep within the BibleBelt Flag
5+ Member
11/04/19 10:04 PM

Members like you make the shroomery GREAT

Crap Artist
 User Gallery

Registered: 09/20/13
Posts: 4,010
Loc: Dreamland
Last seen: 5 days, 6 hours
We've had our differences
10/29/19 11:21 AM

but it aint no thang

A respectful user that regularly contributes positive vibezzz
OfflineNature Boy
Stranger than most

Registered: 07/09/07
Posts: 7,625
Loc: Samsara
Last seen: 17 hours, 28 minutes
Right back atcha! :-)
09/27/19 01:42 PM

Now here's a smart Shroomery member who looks for information and makes knowledgeable, informed decisions.  Has a great head on his shoulders and isn't afraid to think for himself.  Seems like a helluva nice guy, too.  Honored to award plus FIVE!!!
An Infinite Mystery
Male User Gallery

Registered: 10/06/13
Posts: 5,154
Loc: PNW
Last seen: 1 hour, 54 minutes
Very friendly :)
09/23/19 09:44 PM

Wish ye many blessings and safe travels, appreciate your kind words.

Loaded Shaman responded on 09/24/19 03:12 AM:

Thank you my friend! I'll see you around the forum. You know where to find me!

I'm a teapot

Registered: 06/24/18
Posts: 523
Loc: Maine
Last seen: 1 day, 25 minutes
Right on
09/16/19 01:25 AM

Thinkers are awesome. Quality poster.

Loaded Shaman responded on 09/16/19 05:32 AM:

Thank you my friend. I'm aware a drug forum full of cynical, pissed off people isn't ideal for deep critical philosophy, but I've always admired the professional and academic drug users that still managed to get some ideas out (McKenna, etc.). Keep in touch, and keep reason at the forefront! :sunny:

Male User Gallery

Registered: 11/30/18
Posts: 533
Loc: TheOnlyTenISee
Last seen: 2 days, 10 hours
09/14/19 09:10 PM

Anyone that mentions them deserves 10. I hate that i can only give you 5 my friend.

Loaded Shaman responded on 09/16/19 05:30 AM:

YES is my favorite band, my friend. If you ever want to chat with a YES nerd, I've got a Time and a Word :cool:.

I loved and lost but I loved-ftw
Male User Gallery

Registered: 06/06/07
Posts: 26,022
Loc: You get banned for saying... Flag
Last seen: 1 hour, 3 minutes
It would seem your idea of viewing a hot girl in photos
09/12/19 05:45 AM

Re: Re: Post a picture of someone you consider HOT

Is to stare right up her asshole :wink:

Loaded Shaman responded on 09/14/19 01:50 PM:

Thank you my friend, lol. I'm a booty guy, what can I say? :shrug: Cheers!

 User Gallery

Registered: 04/04/06
Posts: 2,347
Loc: 8a
Tool Solidarity
09/05/19 09:54 AM

Re: Re: Tool: Fear inoculum

Thank you for the kind words brother-- rock on!

Loaded Shaman responded on 09/08/19 03:29 AM:

Absolutely my friend thank you for the kind rating! I keep forgetting that's a thing here. Guess it's a good thing, lol. See you around! :kenthumbup:

Strange R
Male User Gallery

Registered: 04/25/03
Posts: 29,395
Loc: subtropics
09/04/19 06:26 PM

Damn if that slo mo butt isn't mesmerizing!

Loaded Shaman responded on 09/08/19 03:28 AM:

Gosh darn it thank you, friend! I have to keep the mood light here, too many get too serious about the wrong things. Let the jiggle ease your mind...(Remy Lacroix btw SO fine and smokes plenty of herb...)

Female User Gallery

Registered: 02/13/16
Posts: 2,277
Loc: England Flag
Mushrooms for you :)
03/24/16 06:25 AM

I like this guy :smile: talks sense too! Sometimes haha :wink:

Loaded Shaman responded on 09/08/19 03:30 AM:

Hey thank you for the kind words, my friend! It's a lost art in 2019 to keep reason and non-contradictory concepts as philosophical primaries, lmao.

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