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ɢᄋᄋd ԲᄋЯ ᄁᄋȚᅢΙᄁɢ ᄂᄋ₩ᄂΙԲᄐ
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Registered: 04/17/15
Posts: 7,076
Loc: to the brain
07/16/16 12:31 PM

ಠ︵ಠ balance ಠ_ಠ weaver ಠ‿ಠ

Registered: 01/17/09
Posts: 25,128
Loc: America, FUCK YEAH
have five one me
09/06/15 04:28 AM

lick a lemon lollypop:watchingyou:
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Registered: 05/06/13
Posts: 19,227
Loc: Upstate
Don't think I've rated this fellow yet.
03/08/15 04:45 PM

I'm glad we see eye to eye on feminism and racial protection groups, but that's not the only reason I'm giving you the rating.

I've never seen you post bullshit, and your insight is always quite intelligent. Keep on keeping on.
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Registered: 07/26/08
Posts: 5,272
Last seen: 13 hours, 52 seconds
03/07/15 05:18 PM

know alot about whats most important

InvisibleChemical Addiction
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Registered: 08/16/11
Posts: 2,020
03/05/15 06:07 PM

They mostly come out at night.... mostly
R.I.P. ZIG R.I.P. Sloth

Registered: 09/30/12
Posts: 11,904
Loc: All Good in Allgood
Last seen: 7 years, 1 month
How have I not rated you yet?
01/26/15 11:31 AM

Take 5 bro :highfive:
Interdimensional space wizard
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Registered: 11/07/03
Posts: 33,241
Last seen: 4 years, 9 months
I like you too
01/23/15 06:22 PM

I think you're a cool dude and am always glad to join you in conversation.
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Registered: 09/01/11
Posts: 3,031
Last seen: 11 hours, 11 minutes
Respectable poster.
01/12/15 02:01 PM

I enjoy reading your posts.
Paddy Time!!!!

Registered: 09/12/08
Posts: 9,820
Last seen: 1 day, 17 hours
your a cool cat.
12/15/14 03:56 PM

Keep the faith, brother.
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Registered: 09/28/14
Posts: 94
12/14/14 04:26 PM

Very welcoming and generous.
Mold Hand
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Registered: 10/18/05
Posts: 11,411
Loc: Fare Thee Well.
12/13/14 02:06 AM


You're not the only person with common sense, but you're damned close to it.
Addicted To Growing

Registered: 05/26/14
Posts: 1,124
Not cool
12/11/14 10:57 AM

Re: Re: Frank 2015: A grow to ring in the new year

Dude, you can't be talking like that around here. Not cool.
Spongebob Nopants

Registered: 09/25/12
Posts: 807
Loc: Bikini Bottom Flag
12/03/14 09:38 AM

I don't get how anyone can still deny global warming. I get that some say that it is part of earth's natural cycle and that humans have nothing to do with it, while others say it is worsening due to anthropogenic factors. But to deny it completely is to say that all of the best scientific data out there is flat out wrong. I bet you also discredit evolution and think that the earth is 6000 years old. They've pulled the wool over your eyes.
the man in the box

Registered: 03/18/14
Posts: 556
Last seen: 6 years, 5 months
10/20/14 07:00 PM

glad I have a rating LOL
InvisibleMoorning Due
been know to derp

Registered: 10/08/13
Posts: 8,061
Loc: ether jet of existence
This one's a keeper
07/28/14 10:15 PM

Even though your Avatar scares me, you're still cool.

Registered: 08/18/03
Posts: 44,654
07/10/14 09:32 AM

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Registered: 05/21/12
Posts: 1,108
Last seen: 8 years, 18 days
Thank bro!
04/26/14 10:31 AM

For the congratulations!

Registered: 02/24/12
Posts: 12,791
Last seen: 4 years, 9 months
Sucks about your wife
04/19/14 10:07 AM

I guess sucks isnt really the word for something that terrible. But sorry that had to happen :sad:
I loved and lost but I loved-ftw
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Registered: 06/06/07
Posts: 31,564
Loc: You get banned for saying that
Last seen: 32 minutes, 55 seconds
04/13/14 08:41 AM

tymoteus doesn't like you. Neither do I... but you know, enemy of my blah blah is my friend etc. etc. yada yada
OfflineLizard Eyes
Lost Soul
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Registered: 11/26/12
Posts: 1,876
Loc: Right Where I'm supposed ...
Last seen: 7 years, 2 months
I fucking love you man!
03/25/14 10:20 PM

Sir you always have really good nice replys. I was driving around high today listening to music and I thought of you. I thought about the situation with you and your wife and I had nothing but respect for you. I hope the best for you and I want nothing but love and happieness for you and your life. Thanks for being so positive even with your wife having cancer. Keep on trucking man and keep on spreading the love. :awepreciation:
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