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Rags to Bitches
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Registered: 07/06/09
Posts: 20,880
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08/28/12 05:42 PM

hip hop nigga, good times and vibes your way my friend.

I hope life is beautiful every day for you.

Registered: 12/27/09
Posts: 2,585
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Thanks for the tunes
02/16/12 08:18 PM

Needed someone to post a dj set fast, since I was freaking out and needed to clean.  wasn't sure if this was gonna work but my room is clean now :laugh:
InvisibleSynth Ethics

Registered: 05/18/09
Posts: 5,525
the 2 pic
01/17/12 12:23 PM

Re: Re: Well, took a shot at OKC and I don't believe I've ever in my life felt this ashamed of myself.

for having the guts to post those, you delivered!

Registered: 09/19/09
Posts: 277
Loc: Outer Heaven
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01/17/12 11:27 AM

Crush yo rating like yo butthole
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Registered: 04/14/11
Posts: 2,232
Loc: Between the permafrost an... Flag
Really cool guy
09/12/11 01:08 AM

Let me slide on some bullshit that was all my doing. He's a bigger man than I am. Peace.

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blazenn responded on 09/12/11 01:19 AM:


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Registered: 06/16/11
Posts: 1,050
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I'm going to rate you 5 positive
08/29/11 10:44 AM

You're 15, I'm 27
Offlinethe bizzle
the joke that no one spoke

Registered: 04/14/09
Posts: 11,870
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does too many thangs
08/18/11 08:03 PM


doin so many thangs must be why it took so long to get u this good rating
Offlinei like cow poo
Nature Lover
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Registered: 10/20/09
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Hilarious post
08/11/11 09:42 PM

You're a funny and smart guy http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/14881189/fpart/2
The Thinker

Registered: 07/30/11
Posts: 1,144
Last seen: 9 years, 10 months
Awsome posts
08/11/11 12:34 PM

Man, your posts rock, I've only read two of yours but they are well thought out and add a lot to the thread.
Dont Spill Me!
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Registered: 11/27/10
Posts: 9,348
Loc: Over here, yes, here
oh yeahhh
05/22/11 02:05 AM

Thanks for your opinion on that sprayed shit

Good guy all round

I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 11/19/04
Posts: 17,485
Loc: Ungrounded Flag
05/02/11 05:00 AM

liek... inspekshun stikarz are for lasybaturds
Legal High-5

Registered: 06/01/10
Posts: 328
Loc: USA Flag
Last seen: 10 years, 3 months
Very well said
04/28/11 11:08 AM

"wow.. it's kind of a shame to see we have posters on the shroomery who hypocritically fool uneducated drug users into buying fake shit out of greed
and i thought we were all here for spreading information, not continuing all the misinformation."
reality is plastic
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Registered: 09/06/06
Posts: 4,680
Loc: The Bowels of Canada
Last seen: 1 day, 22 hours
03/03/11 01:35 AM

the epitome of PUNK FUCKIN RAWK  :awedisgust:  :zomgwtf:  :durrhurr:  :awetongue:
I love GG

Last Edited 03/03/11 01:45 AM
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Registered: 11/11/04
Posts: 22,320
Loc: Yonder Flag
Solid character
02/19/11 07:55 AM

You'll do just fine, man. You have what it takes.


Registered: 04/13/10
Posts: 325
Last seen: 8 months, 25 days
01/22/11 04:55 PM

Hell yes!
OfflineMello KittyS
Beautiful Burnout
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Registered: 12/04/08
Posts: 8,556
Loc: Sanriotown, Harmonyland
Last seen: 5 years, 3 months
i LOVE G.G.!
01/16/11 11:59 AM

let's talk about him sometime :happyheart:

Registered: 06/12/10
Posts: 2,404
Loc: Flag
for sticking up
11/25/10 09:04 PM

with me against those haters. what's with people hating on my main mau5.
Mind Chemist
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Registered: 02/02/08
Posts: 2,292
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GG Allin
11/20/10 07:15 PM

I dig!

Registered: 04/03/05
Posts: 142
Loc: Eastern Iowa
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5 shrooms for you
09/23/10 11:53 PM

Good advice..
The Rza-rector

Registered: 07/01/10
Posts: 386
5 shrooms
09/23/10 08:06 PM

for liking tech n9ne.

Registered: 11/15/09
Posts: 1,013
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McKenna heroic dose thread
09/16/10 06:14 PM

You seem like a wise man.  :thumbup:  :peace:
Good boob day
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Registered: 02/27/10
Posts: 14,306
Loc: Nirvana
Last seen: 4 years, 8 months
You, sir, are an idiot.
06/26/10 04:23 PM

And a pervert, but that's beside the point.  0 right back atcha. :wink:
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Registered: 05/18/10
Posts: 208
Loc: Where Aren't I? U.K.
Last seen: 5 years, 2 months
Much Appreciated Friend
06/09/10 03:12 AM

:peace: + :heart: + :bigblunt:
Peace + Love + Happiness
Live by it
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 07/16/08
Posts: 12,317
Loc: Canada Flag
Acid in a rave thread
06/08/10 09:54 PM

Re: Re: Doing Acid At aRave

Man that dudes a douche bag.  I'm glad you kept the argument going and didn't let him win, it's hilarious how half-baked his responses are/how aggressive he is being.
And psychedelics :D
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Registered: 10/14/08
Posts: 2,685
Last seen: 1 year, 2 months
the amount of fail
06/08/10 09:08 PM

that you presented was shocking. :facepalm:

here's 2 fruiting bodies, because you have some funny posts

but you cannot seem to grasp the concept of how to read and respond appropriately

which is pretty fundamental

so, hopefully, that will change

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