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Discussion of mushoom cultivation and hunting as well as tripping and psychedelics. Mushrooms, Mycology and Psychedelics Threads Posts Last post
Getting Started (15 viewing)
If you're just getting started, this site may seem a bit intimidating or overwhelming at times. But we love our new members, and we're happy to help! This forum is staffed by experts who can answer your questions and teach you about mushrooms, psychedelics, and how to use the Shroomery. Whatever you want to know, just go ahead and ask. There are no stupid questions here!
   Moderator:  Ythan, geokills, Asante, Shroomism, RogerRabbit, veggie, mushboy, fahtster, wildernessjunkie, Ballerium, cronicr, bodhisatta 
13,252 112,975 * Re: First Try at LC
coversall - 10/18/21 06:26 AM
The Psychedelic Experience (34 viewing)
Come here to discuss mushrooms and other natural hallucinogens. For everything to do with tripping, dosage and all your favorite alkaloids, this is your forum!
   Moderator:  psilocybinjunkie, Asante, Rose, mushboy, karode13, LogicaL Chaos, bodhisatta 
Subforums: New posts Trip Reports
113,493 1,632,489 * Re: The Shroomery LSD Muse...
alexmoora - 10/18/21 06:59 AM
Psychedelic Medicine, Research & Microdosing
Dedicated to the discussion of psychedelic medicines, research and microdose therapies.
   Moderator:  geokills, Asante, Pastywhyte 
269 2,337 * Re: My depression got wors...
Asante - 10/17/21 11:13 AM
Mushroom Cultivation (98 viewing)
This forum is dedicated to all aspects of cultivating psychoactive mushrooms. Please read the disclaimer and the posting guidelines before posting in this forum.
   Moderator:  Shroomism, george castanza, RogerRabbit, FooMan, mushboy, fahtster, LogicaL Chaos, 13shrooms, stonesun, wildernessjunkie, cronicr, Pastywhyte, bodhisatta 
Subforums: New posts Mushroom Cultivation Archive
328,061 3,722,348 * Re: Anthropology and Mushr...
alaskappalachian - 10/18/21 07:07 AM
Advanced Mycology (5 viewing)
For people with experience in mushroom cultivation, this forum is dedicated to the discussion of experimental procedures, advanced cultivation techniques and mushroom science.
   Moderator:  RogerRabbit, cronicr, Pastywhyte, bodhisatta 
9,029 92,728 * Re: Automated Monotub
Bakedbeings - 10/17/21 08:28 PM
Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms (6 viewing)
This forum is dedicated to the cultivation of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. It is not a drug related forum. Basic knowledge is recommended, as not many gourmet/medicinal species use spores as step one for cultivation. Agar and mycelial transfers/slurries are the most common methods.
   Moderator:  RogerRabbit, wildernessjunkie, cronicr, Pastywhyte, Forrester, Stromrider 
19,030 213,469 * Re: How to manage heat and...
SHROOMSISAY01 - 10/18/21 01:50 AM
Mushroom Hunting and Identification (44 viewing)
A forum for the discussion of wild mushroom hunting and identification. Be sure to read the Forum Rules before posting. While we make every effort to help identify mushrooms accurately, we claim no responsiblity for a mushroom misidentification. Remember that unidentified mushrooms should never be consumed, as consumption of certain mushrooms can result in death.
   Moderator:  ToxicMan, karode13, inski, Alan Rockefeller, Duggstar, TimmiT, Anglerfish, Tmethyl, Lucis, Doc9151 
131,134 1,313,458 * Re: UK Cyanescens ID Reque...
shroominvader - 10/18/21 06:46 AM
Shroomery Sponsors Forum
A forum for our sponsors to advertise, make announcements and answer questions. It's also the place for users who wish to discuss various Shroomery Sponsors.
   Moderator:  geokills, motaman, wildernessjunkie 
11,318 88,059 * 15% OFF Your First Order &...
KratomEye - 10/15/21 04:36 PM
The Ethnobotanical Garden (8 viewing)
This forum is for asking questions and giving advice on garden setup, plant care, harvest, and preservation of various ethnobotanicals.
   Moderator:  karode13, naum, Mostly_Harmless 
29,165 393,301 * Re: Trichocereus Growers U...
hummingbird - 10/18/21 04:59 AM
Hidden forums:
Discuss your favorite activities, hobbies and passions. General Interest Threads Posts Last post
Philosophy, Sociology & Psychology (4 viewing)
This debate-oriented forum is for the discussion of philosophical ideas that can be backed up with some sort of thoughtful logic and reasoning. Topics may include epistemology, ethics, metaphysics/ontology, the psychology of mind and the sociological study of cultural and individual behavior. Personal attacks will not be tolerated, though critical analysis of the ideas presented is encouraged. If you wish to express your ideas in a less critical environment, consider visiting our Spirituality & Mysticism forum.
   Moderator:  Middleman, Jokeshopbeard, DividedQuantum 
39,202 929,445 * Re: Variety
Buster_Brown - 10/18/21 01:36 AM
Spirituality & Mysticism (3 viewing)
There are many realms of thought and experience that cannot be objectively and empirically verified. Share your views of the universe, consciousness, souls, spirit(s), god(s), extraterrestrials and beyond. Attempting to maliciously discredit ideas is not tolerated, although debate within the given topic is encouraged. If you wish to critically analyze and argue a position, consider visiting our Philosophy, Sociology & Psychology forum instead.
   Moderator:  Middleman, Shroomism, Rose, Kickle, yogabunny, DividedQuantum 
14,319 255,395 * Re: Why aren't more people...
solarshroomster - 10/17/21 06:40 PM
Political Discussion (7 viewing)
The place to announce your activist events, discuss politics, pundits and politicians, and critique government policies and legislation.
   Moderator:  Enlil, ballsalsa 
Subforums: New posts Drug Policy Reform
21,415 695,386 * Re: Can you become a polit...
DoneKildatReason - 10/18/21 12:41 AM
Money Matters (1 viewing)
Are you drowning in a seething mass of debilitating debt? Interested in planning for your future? Come visit our very own financial district to learn and discuss how money matters to each and every one of us. We'll help each other take control of our finances and set course to increase our net worth!
   Moderator:  geokills, Asante, automan 
3,105 50,661 * Re: Shit coin investment t...
budmanman - 10/17/21 08:23 PM
Music, Art, and Media (1 viewing)
Art, music, TV, movies, multimedia, prose, poetry and pictures - a forum where Shroomerites post their creative works and discuss what tickles their senses.
   Moderator:  Middleman, automan, DividedQuantum 
22,022 205,458 * Re: Whats your favorite Tr...
Shroomintune - 10/18/21 01:12 AM
Science and Technology (3 viewing)
We live in an age of amazing scientific discoveries and technological achievements. Come here to discuss computers, electronics and the efforts of humans to understand and manipulate the world around them.
   Moderator:  trendal, automan 
12,016 115,710 * Re: Electric cars are impr...
paradoxlost - 10/16/21 07:57 AM
Shroomery University (1 viewing)
Not for general questions, this is a place for members to teach others on topics of their own unique personal expertise, unrelated to mushroom cultivation.
   Moderator:  Middleman 
152 1,689 * Re: Garlic
Mooninite - 10/14/21 12:41 PM
The Gaming Grotto (1 viewing)
For console and computer games, modding and homebrew, even table games and RPGs, this forum is for you! Trash talk is allowed but don't go overboard.
   Moderator:  Ythan, Anno, Thor, Link, Seuss, Shroomism, CookieCrumbs 
4,657 68,305 * Re: What Are You Currently...
AnonDevil - 10/17/21 05:30 AM
Sports Forum (1 viewing)
Sports, sports, and more sports. Anything sports! Everything sports! Too many sports? Not enough sports! Use this here forum for fantasy league coordination, speculation on today's game, bitchfests about yesterday's bad call, rootin' for the home team, and poking beer-fueled slander at your opponents. No off-topic vulgarity! Attack the team, not the person.
   Moderator:  psilocybinjunkie, 13shrooms 
Subforums: New posts Hunting and Shooting
4,865 146,775 * Re: MLB Second Half Thread...
TheFakeSunRa - 10/18/21 12:03 AM
The Great Outdoors
Hiking, backpacking, camping, hunting, fishing, wilderness survival and otherwise communing with mother nature.
   Moderator:  Middleman, Shroomism 
1,530 23,398 * Re: gearing up
ButtFace - 10/13/21 10:42 PM
DIY and Home Improvement
Got a project? Come here to talk about home repair and improvement, discuss ideas and products for the do-it-yourselfer, and see what your fellow members are working on.
   Moderator:  Ythan, Anno, Thor, Link, Seuss, Asante 
854 10,369 * Re: Loose drive shaft on o...
anatomality - 10/13/21 08:01 AM
Culinary Arts, Gardening and Brewing
This forum is dedicated to the discussion of all food related topics, including: Cooking, Gardening, Home-Brewing, Diet & Nutrition, Proper Wine Selection, Throwing a Dinner Party, Bee-Keeping, Raising Livestock, Trout Farming, the Cultivation of Medicinal Mushrooms and Herbs, Anno's Tomatoes, etc. Bon Appetite!
   Moderator:  boO, trendal, geokills 
Subforums: New posts Federation of Advanced Gourmet Shroomerites
5,070 51,166 * Re: 2021 Outdoor Hydroponi...
openmind - 10/11/21 05:16 PM
Hidden forums:
Forums for you to meet and greet your fellow Shroomerites. Community Threads Posts Last post
The Pub (45 viewing)
A place for laid-back discussion on any topic, come introduce yourself to the community, and join in some chilled-out conversation. If you post in a disrespectful manner, you may be banned.
   Moderator: Entire Staff
292,521 6,988,353 * Re: Primus
hummingbird - 10/18/21 06:48 AM
Physical and Mental Well-Being (6 viewing)
This forum is dedicated to the healthy aspects of living, and what we can do to raise our quality of life. Topics include dealing with the trials and tribulations of everyday existence, addiction recovery, discussing your own psychology or physical health, working on an exercise routine or diet, and simply receiving some good advice and feedback on life in general.
   Moderator:  CherryBom, boO, Rose, mndfreeze, yogabunny, Jokeshopbeard, CookieCrumbs 
16,747 225,095 * Re: Alcoholics Anonymous (...
TheFakeSunRa - 10/18/21 12:02 AM
Sexuality and Relationships (1 viewing)
Come here for advice on sexuality, dating, relationships, marriage and anything that makes your naughty bits tingle.
   Moderator:  Middleman, Shroomism, automan, yogabunny, Ballerium, Jokeshopbeard, CookieCrumbs 
6,783 195,003 * Re: Does anyone else have ...
Eyeofthunderer - 10/17/21 06:52 PM
Security and Safety
This is a forum designed to assist those who may want to keep their personal actions private. Reducing potential legal trouble is important, particularly in a nation which cannot concede to common sense and allow people the right to choose what they take into their own bodies.
   Moderator:  Enlil, Alan Rockefeller 
4,368 61,531 * Re: Ask a defense attorney
Enlil - 10/17/21 11:46 AM
Shroomerites Anonymous (1 viewing)
Got something you want to say off the record? All posts here are completely anonymous, except to this forum's moderators. It isn't a place where you can troll with impunity, so be sure to read the forum guidelines before posting.
   Moderator:  trendal, Shroomism, george castanza, Alan Rockefeller, yogabunny, Ballerium 
13,975 280,716 * Re: Death
Anonymous - 10/17/21 10:01 PM
Hidden forums:
Forums related to the workings of the Shroomery. Feedback and Administration Threads Posts Last post
Website Announcements and Feature Feedback (3 viewing)
Here's where the site administrators announce changes to the website. You can also post your opinions and suggestions about how we can make the Shroomery better. This is not a forum to contest disciplinary action. Please use our support ticket system for such matters, providing as much related information as possible.
   Moderator:  Ythan, Thor, Seuss, geokills 
10,991 130,272 * Re: Vote for the winner! S...
PussyFart - 10/18/21 02:55 AM
Shroomery News Service (14 viewing)
Found some news which you think would interest this site's members? Providing they meet the requirements post them here! The Shroomery does not assure the credibility of these articles.
   Moderator:  motaman, veggie, karode13, Alan Rockefeller, naum, Mostly_Harmless 
31,626 310,421 * Re: Startups are betting o...
Hikeadellic - 10/18/21 01:58 AM
Shroomery Polls (1 viewing)
A forum dedicated to multiple choice polls to give us feedback on various issues. Polls may be removed based upon the sole discretion of the forum moderators.
   Moderator:  Ythan, Anno, Thor, Link, Seuss, geokills, Asante 
972 18,551 * Re: BATHROOM Tek -POLL- Wh...
sMileHighCity - 09/16/21 12:39 AM
Hidden forums:

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