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trippin pink pills in iraq

Iraqis got some fuck up drugs...

when i was stationed in iraq, we pulled our rooftop guard shifts with Iraqi soldiers. i noticed they were always sleeping and sort of fucked up so i started paying more attention to them. thats when i noticed that nearly all of them took this ?medicine? that came in the form of a tiny (about 3mm across) pill. it seemed that most of them took two when they got on guard, so i asked one of them what it was using massacared arabic, and what i would call monkey sign language. finally i came to the conclusion that it was a sleeping pill. bieng curious and always up for a good sleep i offered my guardmate a dollar and he gladly gave me two. he warned me to only take one, but i was about to have eight hours off and i wanterd to sleep strait through it, so i took em both. well about ten minuits into it i started to think he was right. my friend came to relieve me jsut when i started feeling wheezy so i was happy. on the way back to the safehouse it felt as if my weapon and gear weighed a ton, and all of a sudden i couldnt walk strait, i didnt really swirve but instead i could only really sidestep. when i got back to the hous i stumbled into the sleeping quarters as quietly as my paralized body could, and took off my gear, dropping my vest on my sleeping buddies head. he said something like what the fuck, but all i could stutter was a iiiii sorry. i decided to lay down before any more harm, and lay there or the next 8 hours wide awake and scared that ill never move again. when it was my shift again my sgt came to wake me up, but i was just sitting awake under a blanket. i gave him a quick im coming then proceeded to get ready. it had now been 8 hours since i took the pill and my gear still felt like it weigheed a ton, and when i stepped into the daylight i could see faint patterns in the air. I dont really know why im sharing all this, actually if u asked me taking unknown drugs is a no go but given the circumstances i made a bad move, but if anyone knows what it was i would love to have a lil insight.

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