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Maybe it is a drug called Yaba.  I heard from yaba from I-doser, which gave it the classification of a hallucinogen.  It would explain the slight visuals and mabe even the eight hours you had to endure staying awake.  Yaba is a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine.  It is a huge drug in the burma / thailand area but nothing really is documented about useage in Iraq.  Yaba usually comes in a smal pill for that looks like a bigger version of a pink colored advil.



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Probally ambiant(SP) it's a sleeping pill and if you stay up after taking it you will slighty trip.
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It's either an opiate or a benzo... probably a benzo
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I don't know what they are, but I took one too when I was their out at check point 10 in abu ghrab. One of the ICDC monkeys gave me one because I had a bad head ache. he spoke english pretty well I can't remember the name of it. it started with a "b" though. I took it and went back to the tank thinking it was asprin or somthing, but it numbed my toung a little in 10 minuets my headache was gone but I couldn't move iether from the gunners controls. Never again! no small pink pills for me, they probably were colonipin or somthing. may be mercuric chloride for all I know..... I trust him cause he had chewed one up and swallowed it infront of me and he didn't die so I took it.