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I am going to trip for the first time, what do I need to know?

Trip smart. Trip safe.

Trip smart. Trip safe.


Know your Suggested Dosage.

.75-1.5g of cubensis is perfect for most n00bies. Know what mushrooms do to you, and your ego, before you take a larger dose. Some people have a much greater reaction to shrooms than others.

Read up before you ever trip. You will most likely be rewarded.

It is good to know a thing or two about tripping before you actually trip.The Psychedelic Experience by Timothy Leary is a great, and extensive introduction to Psychedelics. This book should be required reading for Shroomerites. Well, there it is... click the link and start reading!

The Psychedelic Experience offers some great tips, to help you have a good mindset, a good setting and a profoundly good experience... however it is only a  book. Your results may vary.

If you don't study tripping before you trip, you could be in for a VERY rude awakening.  Make sure you feel you are in the proper mindset and have the proper setting. Read up so you know what to expect, what could go wrong and what could go gloriously right. The more you prepare for your first trip, the more comfortable you will be with what you will finally experience.

If tripping for the first time, or any time for that matter, it is beneficial to have an experienced partner/guide/friend at your side, just to watch you and give you some sort of beacon from the world outside of your own experience. This type of help is better than anything in a book or on the web and is essential for first timers. 

Also, it is best if you realize: Tripping is essentially all in your mind. Stay aware that you can't hurt yourself if you simply sit back and flow with the trip. In fact, you may wish to have a nice place ready to sit or lay down. 

The first few trips can be profound, it is best to stay in a soft, safe place. 

Oh, and don't forget: Good music almost always enhances a trip.

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