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Magic Mushroom Dosage Calculator

Roughly estimates a dosage in grams based on the species and potency of the mushroom, whether or not it's dried, and other factors.

I wrote this calculator in JavaScript to help figure out how many mushrooms to eat to reach the desired trip strength. I don't have a secret unifying formula; I don't think one exists for mushrooms. I just tweaked a formula until it seemed accurate, and then I plugged in variables. I also left it open to user modification, so you can play with the values so it's customized to your unique reaction to the mushrooms.

Here's a rundown of what all the input fields are for; you probably won't need to modify most of them.

The Magic Mushroom Dosage Calculator v1.4
Last update: 2023-06-13
For dried mushrooms, multiply psilocybin content by:
For dried mushrooms, multiply psilocin content by:
What level trip would you like to reach?
What type of mushrooms will you be eating?
milligrams of psilocybin per gram of mushroom material.
milligrams of psilocin per gram of
I've tripped within the past 11 days.
I will also be taking an MAO Inhibitor.
You should eat gram(s).
For dried mushrooms, multiply psilocybin content by: This allows you to specify the deterioration which the psilocybin in your mushrooms experiences when it's dried. If you suspect your mushrooms lose half their psilocybin when they're dried, set this value to ".5". If you suspect they don't lose any at all, set this value to "1". The default value is ".8", which is a median. If you take extra-special care when drying and storing your mushrooms, you'll want to use a higher number. If you dried your mushrooms by putting them in the oven at 250° for an hour, use a lower number.

For dried mushrooms, multiply psilocin content by: This is exactly the same as the psilocybin input box, only it changes the deterioration rate of psilocin. Unlike its more stable cousin, psilocin tends to break down pretty quickly no matter how careful you are about preserving your mushrooms. ".5" is the default, and unless you freeze-dry your mushrooms and store them with an industrial grade vacuum packager, you'll probably want to leave it where it is.

What level trip would you like to reach? Read the trip level descriptions and decide. You should note that it's not a straight line; if you eat 20 grams wet to reach level 2, that doesn't neccessarily mean you'll need 40 to get to level 4.

What type of mushrooms will you be eating? These are really just psilocybin and psilocin "presets". Choose the type of mushroom you'll be eating and it modifies the value of the psiloc(yb)in fields for that mushroom. The values are compiled from many sources on the internet and care was taken that the values represent an average potency of many samples whenever the data were available.

Milligrams of psilocybin per gram: This displays the content of psilocybin in the mushroom you currently have selected in mg/g fresh material. If you think that the value is incorrect (and it quite possibly may be since the same species of mushroom may have up to tenfold fluctuations in its psilocybin content), you can enter a new value.

Milligrams of psilocin per gram: The same, only for psilocin.

Will you be eating fresh or dried mushrooms? Well, which kind will you be eating? If you select "dried", the Calculator applies the deterioration values to the psilocybin and psilocin content of the mushroom and compensates for the change in weight due to dehydration. Mushrooms are ~90% water when fresh, which means there will be a big difference between how much dry mushroom material and how much wet mushroom material you'll have to eat to achieve the same trip level.

I've tripped within the past 11 days. This setting will help compensate for the effects of tolerance which can develop when taking multiple doses of mushrooms within a short period. When selected, you will be asked to input the last dose you took, and how many days it's been since you tripped. It is assumed your last dose was the same substance that you have selected in the calculator.

I will also be taking an MAO Inhibitor. For people too lazy to divide their total by two, check this box if you take a monoamine oxidase inhibitor before eating your mushrooms.

Okay, so that's it for the instructions, but there's one last thing I want to make clear:
You can have two people identical in weight eat the same amount of mushrooms, and one will trip for hours and one will hardly feel a buzz. I think the values you get by using this calculator should be pretty accurate, since I've tweaked it pretty carefully, but you should really determine your dosage the old-fasioned way, by starting small and working your way up. If you don't want to waste the time or the shrooms on that, then BE CAREFUL with any value this calculator spits out.

Alright. Have fun.

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