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Microwave Sterilization

A technique you can use if you don't have access to a stove and a big pot to boil the jars.

Thanks to this innovative technique, sterilization of pf suubstrate in a pot may be a thing of the past. Here it is:

  1. You will need to use PLASTIC containers (i.e Tupperware). Punch holes on the lids as per PF method. Pre-sterilize the containers by placing them in a tray of water a few millimeters deep. Set the microwave for 8 minutes and verify that the power is on "high".

  2. Carefully remove the containers and add the substrate.

  3. Once again, place the containers back on the trays. Make sure that you have some water in the tray (just a few millimeters deep is enough). Set the microwave for ~10 minutes and verify that the power is on "high". Don't forget that you need to have the inoculation holes punched even before sterilization (otherwise you'll have a messy microwave to clean up when the substrate heats up).

  4. Thats it! Let cool until the jars are cool to touch(for a few hours at least, better over night). Inoculate in the usual manner. The individual who brought this technique to life claims to have employed it succesfully....and I have no reason to doubt.
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