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Second 1.3

Lower level experience

Ok, so second try, and this time level two.
I made a cup of tea with a 1.3g cubensis and slice of lemon- deliciouso.
Just like leve 1, after 20 mins started yawning, no butterfly feeling this time.
Listened to some music, watched Fantasia 2000, havent seen it. Liked it.
Havent felt.no "breathing" effect or 2d patterns as described in level two. Maybe it's because calculator doesn't take mass into account. (110kg)

After two hours sunset light that came through the window made a golden strip across the wall, which contrasted with the cold blue light of the table lamp. And it was beautiful to look at.
Later i went outside and the twilinght was georgeous.

That was kind of it, i think because of mu body mass level 2 feels like level 1 description for me.

I would recomend planing your trip so that qt the end of the trip it would be evening twilinght. Amazing time of the day to walk outside.

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