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5 grams + DMT

Struggling to integrate

This was approx. 2 weeks, ago. I should have wrote a trip report sooner.


Dose: 5 grams dried mushrooms in a fruit smoothie and with lunch (rice, meat, veggies bowl) at 12:00.

Set/settings: I had a bid of self induced stress in the morning rushing around doing chores/errands so I could have the rest of my day free. Tripped in my small city apartment, which turned out to not be the best. I also work in this same city as a first responder, so I have seen it at it’s absolute worst and know what’s behind all these closed doors and quiet places. I am a very outdoorsy person and love to hike and camp and do all sorts of endurance outdoor activities.


Trip Level: Between a 4-5. I experienced a strong reality shift unlike I have experienced before.


Injection/Come up (Hours 1-2): After doing all my errands, working out and meditating I ingested the 5 dried grams as mentioned above. Things were going well and I was having a blast listening to music and cleaning. There was more of a gradual onset, which I believe was due to the full stomach. About about 90 minutes to an hour I was starting to feel it become stronger. I went into my bedroom and started watching the new animal planet. Then when it was getting stronger I listened to some Pink Floyd. Primarily “Obscured by Clouds” and “Meddle”. I don’t remember too much of this time but I was feeling good and visual starting to come on.


Peak/strong tripping: (Hours 2-5):

            I was reaching the peak. At this time I had the urge to vape some DMT. I vaped DMT out of my vape cartridge but was unable to breakthrough. I believe this was possibly due to me using a new vape setup and I have not gotten the technique down. I was knocking on the breakthrough door but I was not let in. I could sense the entities on the other side of the door excited to see me but understanding that now may not be the time I would breakthrough and join them. This jumpstarted the trip and while coming down from the DMT I had a sense of happiness and love. But as my body was processing out the DMT this sense of love was leaving.

At this point the trip became more confusing. I realized I was getting more high than I have ever been. The visuals lost meaning and the trip turned more into a mindtrip. Some trips I am very present in the physical world and the visuals are the main point of the trip. I had not experienced such a mind trip as I was having before. Being stuck in my apartment I wasn’t sure what to do. So inevitably I opened up YouTube and Netflix. I went back to watching planet earth. This made me very uncomfortable and is extremely hard to explain. I felt a sense of reincarnation and that animals were cosmically just as smart as we were. We can’t understand some animals and they can’t understand us, but in a cosmic sense after death we are all the same. A sense that I had lived all lives before and time was meaningless. That I was just stuck in this human vessel but that I would/have gone through all lives and experienced all things.


My elderly grandfather passed away in hospice 3-4 months ago. I was lying in bed realizing how much of his mannerisms were passed down to me. I started to feel I was my grandfather and I had experienced his life before. He was in a daze in hospice with small moments of clarity. One moment was we were scratching his head and back and he speaks out “marvelous, magnificent, superb, excellent”. I started saying the exact words he said in the exact voice (I had forgotten this happened). I felt as though me saying those words was crossing a time barrier and I was experiencing his reality.


I tried to mediate using Sam Harris Waking Up app. I picked a more confusing mediation called “The illusory Self”. This was extremely confusing and I felt betrayed by Sam Harris. His words were not making sense and it felt like he was talking in circles. Like if you think bout a subject or say a word over and over again that word starts to sound weird and lose it’s meaning.

I went back to Netflix/youtube which was a mistake. This was all too confusing. I was also struggling at this point to come to grips with if everything was actually happening in my life or if it was all just a manifestation. I was trying to create experiments to see if new information was coming into me or if I was creating all information myself to fit my life narrative. I felt disconnected from my body and felt that my body was just a temporary illusion. I was convinced that if I killed myself at this time that I would be reincarnated and death had no real meaning. This was quite unsettling and reality shifting. It was definitely was of being “Ok, I’m calm and this is ok” to a deep unsettling, uncomfortable and frightening existent. I tried to watch Always Sunny in Philadelphia and with all their crazy shenanigans and random humor I was extremely confused and was very ungrounded.


I also felt as though I was god or at least part of a higher being/consciousness. Creating and destroying realities with my thoughts.



As the mushrooms wore off I started to come back to reality. My girlfriend came home and we had food and cuddle together to bed.


Post trip:

I was left depressed and anxious 2-3 days after this shift. I felt my reality had been destroyed and was now being rebuilt. I had and am having a hard time coming to grips what this trip means and how to integrate this into my life. I do feel calmer and less afraid of death now. Sense of reality is so subjective and therefore to respect and love all people, animals, ect…


Anybody have advice or similar experiences. These are just the things I remember and can explain via text. Other unexplainable things or things that I am no literate enough to adequately explain.

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