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Weirdest moments of my life

2.5 Grams of PE

Back Story:

Hey all, I'm new here. Glad to be part of the community. Anyways, I've been reading plenty of trip reports and I've been wanting to share mine.  Ive Never tried psychedelics till recently. I started off using Marijuana, if thaught I'd use something natural and organic. Weed took me on a horror ride. Since then I've gained experience exploring my mind on weed. I wanted to try shrooms after reading and watching videos about it.

1st Trip:

 I managed to get some dried PE from a friend. I had taken off work to be with my wife on our 2nd year Anniversary. My first ever does was 1.5 grams I put in a sandwhich. Maybe 30min had passed when I felt something. The come up gave me just a slight discomfort. Mostly because I didn't know what to expect. I looked at my hands and for some reason they seemed weird. I looked out the window and I noticed the ground was moving. Kind of like balls moving under a bedsheet. I went outside and everything was so bright and colorful. I was so excited and so happy. I was trying to explain this feeling to my wife. Time passed and I played some COD Mobile with my brother in law. It was so fun to play. I was laughing at everything. Coming down form the trip a had a nice dinner with my family. I had a great first time. I loved it.

2nd Trip:

About 3 weeks later. It was a Friday evening. I wanted to do shrooms again but in nature. This time I took 2.0 grams of PE with a sandwhich .  After eating my wife drove me to a near by park. We parked and then after walked around a wooded area where people were tossing frisbees. Maybe about 30 min had passed when I told my wife that I was feeling anything. I walked around some more and went to a tree where I then began to feel sad. I walked over to my wife who was sitting in a bench where I told her I was sad. We laughed for a bit then that's when I began to see what looked like diamond shaped lines  all on the grass. I was just in awe And couldn't believe what I was seeing. I then looked  at a tree which was kinda freaking me out. It was getting dark and people were leaving. I told me wife to leave because we've gotten tickets for staying later after dark before. We began to walk towards the car and I felt a bit drunk. I felt kind of loose. I hugged my wife and looked at her. He face looked kinda of freaky . She had s circles on the sides of her face. We decided to go home. I soon as I get in the car I noticed that the inside looked super futuristic. The lights, the colors and everything look super cool. I had a pleasant ride home listen to Psy Trance. All the cars on the rodes looked futuristic. I told me wife I was kind of disappointed because it got dark and I didn't get to see much. We got home and I took my dogs out. I sat on step and watched the dogs. I found my self thinking a lot.  like  everything we do in this life does not matter.  I walked up the stairs to the deck where there was a tent with a table and some chairs in it. I felt the need to place my head down and closed me eyes. That is when 3 beings appeared to come from the cosmos. The beings in the back we're tall and human like the 3rd being was in the middle and I felt it was extraterrestrial. I wasn't sacred of these beings,I felt they were just observing me. The whole event seemed like it lasted a few seconds. I got up And put  the dogs away and went inside to tell my wife what I just saw. I told her I saw aliens and that nothing mattered in this reality. I told her that everyone should experience this feeling at least once in their life.  I went to bed and I was coming down. I wanted to sleep but I could not. I felt my mind was racing. I managed to fall asleep. The next day we went to a pumpkin festival where most of the day I had a sharp headache. Not sure if it was the shrooms. I had a eye opening experience my 2nd trip. I wanted to explore this more. I had no fear.

3rd Trip:

About 3 weeks later I wanted do shrooms in nature again. I had this trip planned out. I even looked for a nice location to trip at. This time I took 2.5 grams of PE in a PB&j sandwhich. We drove and walked to a near by watershed with one of our dogs. . There are lined up trees some wooded areas and open fields.  When we got near the river we sat on some rocks that are scattered around. I think about an hour had passed when I wondered again if the trip was every going to start. Untill I found my self feeling uneasy. Like I was anticipating something. It was coming. The mystical feeling began the slowly creep up on me. Before I knew it everything felt different. The trees seemed to sway back and forth a little. I would find myself staring at rocks and grass. When I would look  spots in the ground like rocks or patches of grass, I would feel like little creatures we're speaking to me. I don't remember what they were telling me but it was so weird. So real. Hard to explain in words. Not sure how much time had passed when we heard whistling in the distance. It was a family member who had seen us walking on his way home. My wife was starting to feel cold so we agreed to walk back home with him.  When I got up I instaly felt so happy. I felt happy to see him. I felt String bond with him. At the same time the colors in my vision got bright. Everything looked nice. As I was leaving the area, I turned around to look at the spot we're we're sitting at. I felt the need to say good bye. As we crossed a bridge and I continued to look back at our spot . I looked down the bridge where there were rocks and grass. That's when I saw a pretty big creature of some sort. It looked blended into the rocks and grass. It had 2 googly looking eyes and it seemed to be smiling at me. I stared at it while my wife and kin continued walking. I was my final good bye. When We got home I sat with some family outside. We had the dogs out also. The dogs looked super nice and vivid. And the people around me had wierd ball shaped things on their skin and faces. As I looked at the floor, I could see what looked like to be old symbolism. Like gears turning all over the pavement. It was incredible. time had past and I stayed outside by myself. I stared at the floor. As I stared I felt little creatures telling me to come closer, come deeper. I felt the need to listen to them . I went inside to finish eating the rest of the shrooms I had left. Not sure how much I ate, but it wasn't much. I went back outside but nothing really happened. After some time I went inside to use the bathroom. I kept the light off as I peed. As I peed, I saw colorful bands flying around me. Kinda like what happens in the Wild Thornberrys. All the bands formed the color full banded face of what looked like a Native American female. She was right in my face. She did nothing to me. I was just amazed. During the come down I told my wife what I had experienced that day. It was an amazing trip. I feel the need to explore this state of consciousness. I've since grown my own fruits and I am now waiting for a good time to do a higher dose. Maybe 4.5 or 5 grams of Golden Teachers.  I'll post another trip report when happens. I know this was long but I felt it would be a good read. Thanks. 

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