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5 Grams of Golden Teachers

Felt Empathy for the 1st Time

Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but I want to share.

I'm gonna keep this as short as possible although I could probably write a book detailing this particular trip.

Short version: I believe shrooms gave me the ability to empathize for the first time and taught me that I'm a narcissist.

I'm new to shrooms, only done them a handful of times, but I have become obsessed now.

Girlfriend and I are going thru a lot of shit.

I took 5 grams of golden teachers seeking advice.

I felt empathy for the first time in my life while tripping. I empathized with her. 

She has been saying a lot that "I'm not listening to her."

The shrooms showed me that she was right. Several things that she has been saying to me over the last several months were coming to me over and over and over and the shrooms helped me understand and actually comprehend what she was saying.

I didn't even know what she has been saying to me was still stored in my brain. Maybe it wasn't??

So I learned what empathy was. I felt her pain. I cried.... a lot!

Then that led to me coming to the conclusion that I am a narcissist. I'm so self centered that I can't even comprehend what she is saying to me. Unable to put myself in her shoes.

Everything was so clear and made complete sense during the trip.

I will be doing more heroic doses in the future for sure. I can't wait. I believe shrooms can help overcome narcissism.

Thank you for reading. 

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