Posted by olpirter (09/19/20 05:39 PM)
Posted by subsistoncycles (09/16/20 11:49 AM)
This post really speaks to the medicinal value of psychedelics. As our bodies need periodic check ups with doctors, so do our mind and spirit.
I%u2019ve been away from the medicine too long, or maybe just long enough.
Last time for me was about 2009, and I%u2019ve been feeling spiritually out of balance for a few years, and recently I feel like I lost touch with myself.
I thought the other day how nice it would be to reconnect with how I used to feel. To reset my brain, as it were.
So i talked to the wife about needing to visit the ethereal and she%u2019s on board.
If all goes well, I will start my first cultivation via PF Tek next weekend, and if all goes well I should have some perspective reclamation by my 43rd birthday.
Posted by florida_marie15 (09/13/20 09:12 PM)
That is pretty awesome! If only the entire world took heroic dose, we woudl all be in a better place. Good luck on your journey.
Posted by defactogood (09/10/20 05:35 PM)
What a breakthrough! I had a similar experience. I once thought I had no ability to feel anger, until it came rushing back with a vengeance during a shroom trip. Upon reflection, I see the anger had been pent up for a long time, but was suppressed, because it wasn't safe to express. So in a way, shrooms were the key that opened up my mind and unlocked space for the full experience of my emotions that I had lost access to. I'd wager your experience is similar %u2013 that the empathy and compassion was there all along, but locked away for a long time because of what you might realize if you allowed yourself to feel it. (Just a guess.) In any case, it sounds like you are on the beginning of the difficult but important journey of healing, and I wish you the best. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Jugster (09/04/20 08:39 AM)
Hey man! that's so beautiful dude! Keep it up! i just recently did a 5 gram trip on Golden teachers as well, though my lesson was very different.
 It is beautiful how mushrooms are so relevant to our healing our minds, i've cried many times on mushrooms and it is such a freeing feeling!
Thank you so much for sharing, it's encouraging to read posts like this, and that have felt the healing powers of mushrooms!
Posted by Staples (09/02/20 01:50 PM)
Your report is very exciting to me because I remember reading another report written here on the Shroomery by a sociopath who started feeling empathy after using mushrooms. I wish I could find that report again. This is a new and unexplored area that could yield great promise for many people around the world. Good luck! Remember to be nice to yourself too, you deserve empathy as much as other people.