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10g fresh golden teachers


The 10g fresh were great going down, and did not rot my gut - however, that's a lot of mass your gut needs to deal with... so it may take you more than a day or two to achieve solidity again -  #ifyouknowwhatimean

Initially felt lethargic as the shrooms kicked in..
Colours and sounds became more pronounced and "full"..
I began to see patterns on the walls, pictures were moving, and I felt physically connected to sounds...

Time lost all meaning!

I HAD SO MUCH ENERGY! But, nowhere that I desired to direct it towards

I remember lying on the couch in the garage.. the door was open.. I could feel the people coming and going from their houses along our street; I could hear every door open and close, I could hear every device beep and whir, and the sounds of the distant city felt like they were being played out of a speaker beside my ear... I WAS LITERALLY CONNECTED TO SOUND! I was listening to a moth flutter its wings... because after you've dissolved your ego there's really nothing left to listen to but everything else; you forget that you were ever just a voice echoing in the darkness of your mind..

BEWARE! The higher you get, the farther you fall - If you're not well grounded inside your mind you will have a hard time coming down. Also, if you went into the trip with expectations you will not have a good time at higher doses, because they do not play well with those who have expectations of them - WE WERE PROMISED NOTHING BY BEING SENT HERE! Have no expectations.

I spoke to source... wondered about my lack of understanding of everything... wondered why I was tormented by questions of worthiness, of purpose, of meaning... this is where things can go south for people, especially if there's an answer they want or expect. Also, when you're this close to source you better not be afraid of death; THEY LIKE TO REMIND YOU OF YOUR OWN IMPERMANENCE WHEN YOU GET HIS HIGH!  

Practice gratitude... for everything - If your trip goes south, look at your hands and start thanking them for working so hard for you; start showing gratitude - his usually softens the blow of any negativity that may enter your realm

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