Posted by Meesta Nobo (06/25/20 03:00 PM)
Interesting, I%u2019m cultivating some GT%u2019s at the moment and can%u2019t wait to try. I liked what you said about expecting something, I recently had the %u201CThe full experience%u201D time travel colourful warmth, fabric of the universe stuff...I went into this one expecting to feel nature or see the wall move as I had before. This one was not that, but it was awesome! It was life changing, I guess that%u2019s the difference for me...I expected something but got everything, for me the key is going with it. Like when letters in sentences start talking with me I say %u201CHey you can%u2019t do that your only a letter!%u201D And it says %u201CBut I am though%u201D and you say %u201Cyou sure are buddy, ok what%u2019s next%u201D I love these stories because you can recognise that what your into is real. Because who could make up half this shit right? Alright brother. Peace