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Micro-dosing at work & home

How do you use it to improve your life?

Since I already posted (Micro-dosing for 1 year) the tactical approach to micro-dosing ,I thought it might be helpful to also post the qualitative/subjective effects of how I use micro-dosing to improve my life.  First, let me start out by saying I have not come across content like what I am sharing now and this is all from personal experiences and only hope it helps provide guidance for what I can only assume might be similar experiences for you in your journey.


So, daily I take 0.20g dried in the morning on the weekdays.  I commute 30 minutes and usually take it right before I get in the car so that when it kicks in at the 45 min mark I am already settling into my office.  I drink water on the way to work and have a good pee once I get to work as psilocybin usually pushes a good pee at 45min-1hr mark.  Since I get into work early I can settle myself when the "phase transition" occurs and set my agenda without interruption.  Within 30 minutes at work the normal office small talk begins with about 15 people and I notice while on psilocybin that I listen much more attentively without interrupting others and I feel like I hear more than whats being said but also the words they use and both their direct and indirect meanings of what they discuss as well as how they are forming their perspective without my own ego or prepped rebuttal/response even coming into thought.  However, I still seem to respond clearly more so than when I don't take psilocybin and do a better job acknowledging others contributions in discussions as well.

Challenges at work can come up when I feel rushed to get many things done in a short amount of time, all of the sudden I can feel overwhelmed as I can easily get distracted and struggle with prioritizing simple things like which email I should respond too first.  My default mode is highly organized and strategic actually taking psilocybin provides relief in that area and opens me up to want to seek out conversations, and when people interrupt my email response tunnel focus, I find I can easily focus my full attention on a person without worrying about it taking me away from the obsessive tactical sequential productivity measures I set for the day.  In other words, I feel much more empathetic to people getting my full attention versus anything with "work" that has to be done on computers.  Lunches are also really great with colleagues as I laugh more and enjoy the moments of being together and exploring wide range of topics without worrying about what to say first or keep the conversation going.  I am genuinely interested in what is going on in the other persons life and look for moments where I can add my own experiences when the time is appropriate and not boastful.  I also pay more attention to "micro-expressions" with other individuals and their body language and feel like I can pick up on what is not being said much more quickly then before.

I am a very practical person and wish I could add more cons here but my experience so far has proved otherwise.  If there was one thing I notice I can get more tired around the 5 hour mark and usually need a little caffeine boost which works great and provides as 2nd heightened boost in my opinion to the dose.  Stay away from sugary drinks and just go espresso shots, americano, or cold brew and a salad and the effects will be prolonged.  

Finally towards the end of the day I take my 2nd dose of 0.30g drive for the drive home.  This sets me up for welcoming all the love for when I get home.


At this point I am walking in the door and my daughter and wife are eager to see me and want my attention completely.  This used to be a major problem before psilocybin and now is the greatest area that has shown improvement.  There is so much love, I am open, attentive, listen, give kisses, hugs, and enjoy the welcome.  My wife now has food ready for me when I get home and we no longer have the TV going non-stop in the living room.  I bought a nice sound system with vinyl record player and sonos to enjoy music more which has only made our life that much more enjoyable when we are together in the evening.  We also do art projects, plant terrariums, and take walks when the weather is nice.  All of this has kept us away from technology and off our phones until about the 7p hour.  At this point we have settled in and watch a little Netflix for about an hour and then go to bed around 8p.  I will say I get better sleep than I have ever had for as long as I can remember, maybe before I went to college, not sure.  Anxiety is completely gone and always get restful sleep.

There have been many lessons on this journey which I hope to post all my resources after a year of research; but it has all led back to love in the home.  Many guys I know are really lost and take it out on their families because they are so stressed at work and have nothing to give once they get home and only see their wife and kids as an interruption.  When the family feels the man (or woman) is stressed out they do not know how to help and he (or she) does not know how to help themselves. 

Again I can only describe my experience and I would say, I was that person that got stuck and psilocybin is the only thing that has ever worked after trying many other things.  It opened my eyes to allowing me to first heal myself and then be an endless machine of love generation to those around me.  Love is listening, caring, giving, paying it forward, sacrificing, putting others first, patience, and showing people that you care..simple.  When your home environment becomes your dominate focus it is amazing how it propels you to extend that outward.

I'm trying to say that I have learned so much about myself and by extension others as a result of micro-dosing and only wish others had the opportunity to feel how great it is and how it can make you better and make your experience in this life so much better. 



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