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Fruiting chambers

Come learn about how to set up all your favorite fruiting chambers

Cubensis mushrooms can be cultivated in a variety of fruiting chambers.  Here are a few of the most common methods. 


A monotub is a storage tote, with or without holes cut in it.  The basic concept of a monotub is to facilitate fresh air exchange (FAE) while preventing the substrate from drying out.  There are many ways to achieve this.  Listed below are a few popular and effective teks for building, spawning, and dialing in monotubs.  

Spitball's Monotub Tek
Pastywhyte likes mini mono's
Unmodified (no holes no poly) 32 & 54q Fruiting Chamber (off the shelf monotub) TEK
Pastywhyte's Easy Micropore Dialed Monos
Basic Principles of a Monotub
Mushroom Cultivation Videos (monotub spawning videos)

Shotgun Fruiting Chamber:

A Shotgun Fruiting Chamber (SGFC) is an elevated tote with 1/4" holes drilled around it in a 2" grid pattern on all 6 sides.  The bottom of it is filled with perlite that is soaked and causes evaporation.  An SGFC must be elevated off the ground to properly function.  Details on how to properly build and use an SGFC can be found in the tek below. 

Basic Principles of the Shotgun Fruiting Chamber


A greenhouse is an active fruiting chamber that uses equipment such as fans and humidifiers to facilitate proper humidity and FAE.  Greenhouses are more expensive, require more maintenance, and take more time to dial in.  The tradeoff is versatility when properly constructed.  Below are some greenhouse teks:

Frank's easy mini-GH tek
Gr0wers Automated Greenhouse Build

Poor man's pod (PMP)

A PMP is a fruiting chamber that was common in years past.  The basic idea is to create a fruiting chamber, then add aquarium pumps and other contraptions to satisfy FAE and humidity requirements.  PMP's are difficult to dial in, expensive (ironically), and generally considered outdated.  A poor man's money would be much better spent on any of the above listed monotub links. 

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