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Staying in touch with reality...

My first, and life changing mushroom experience.

I just finished my first trip with 3 grams of B plus mushrooms about an hour ago. It's 6:33 PM right now and the current date is June 14th, 2015. I am 19 years old, 5 ft 6in 150 lbs.

I am going to skip about how I became interested in trying mushrooms and everything else that involves me before the day of the trip. I'm just going to say that I grew these mushrooms because it was that damn easy and I've done plenty of research for the last 8 months that I've been super interested in them.

Today I woke up at the time I wanted to, around 10:00 AM and took a shower immediately. I have not eaten anything since last night. I got out texting my friend about how I was getting ready to take the mushrooms and to get on Skype so he could see me.

I weighed out my mushrooms 3 times after the freshest flush had just finished drying for 3 days and the first time I got 3.04g, 2nd was 3.05g, and 3rd was 3.04g again. I proceeded to eat these mushrooms without stuffing them into any food or making tea or anything to mask the taste. Since I grew these, the taste was rather better than expected. Despite tasting like DampRid (the desiccant used to dry them) they tasted much like dried out mushrooms you'd find at the store. They were very chewy, and it took me about 10 minutes to eat them all. Once I finished, the time was 11:47 AM. Time started to pass, and I became very anxious for the first signs of tripping. I was talking to my friend on Skype to keep myself from getting too anxious.

At about 1:00 PM I decided to go grab a shake at the McDonald's just down the street. I was beginning to feel my body get loose and it stayed like that for the next 30 minutes. I texted the same friend from Skype on his cell at 1:33 PM (over an hour and a half after ingestion) and told him that the trip wasn't going as well as I had hoped for. I got back home, finished my shake, and put on my new Sony MDR-XB950BT Extra Bass Bluetooth headphones and turned on some high quality dubstep. I paced around my room just listening and not having felt much yet. I tried to think about things to see if my mind would go deep into any thoughts. Nothing major was noticeable at this time.

Now, at around 2:00 PM - 2:15 PM, it hits me, and I began thinking about my little brother & 2 sisters and how much of I dick I was when I lived with them. I started crying and imagined them actually there in my arms. It felt so real and I couldn't stop crying about how much I miss them. Once I finished thinking about them I turned on my disco light I bought from Spencer's and these red & blue lights, and blue & green lights began moving across my ceiling. Then I began laughing out of nowhere just for fun and I couldn't stop for a minute. I was noticing pattens and my bed sheets became wavy and everything I looked at was rippling and my disco light made my  whole ceiling look as if it was bluish green color. It was so beautiful and I proceeded to put on my headphones again and turned back on the dubstep, and that is when my world changed. The beat, flow, ripple sounds, bass drops, all carried my thoughts around wherever I imagined myself. Whatever I imagined, it happened. I remember looking at my colorfully lit up ceiling and then rolling over face down into my pillow and the image of my ceiling was carried and morphed into my pillow. I could imagine unreal things and my mind created it so that it looked and felt real. The music had a huge impact on how my thoughts happened. I would hear bass drops so loud that the world beneath me exploded and I drifted into another world I created. Some of the lyrics that I actually paid attention to made me fade at some times, sometimes I would feel like a walking video game that I created. I kept all my thoughts positive. I began texting my friend random things that I thought of to remember when I was sober again. I texted on and on about how I was in the world of mushrooms and barely keeping in touch with reality. The letters on my phone's keyboard were swirling and the texts were waving and breathing. The music was making everything so much better. I was feeling very feminine for some time because the music was making me move in ways I would imagine a woman doing. I was breathing very heavily and whatever world I was in was brought to life. Adrenaline was rushing through me. I imagined myself sliding down a golden track with diamonds and lights flowing along with me for the ride. Nothing beat the way I felt with the new world I was in. All while having fun with my new world I got up and went to my bathroom to look at myself in the mirror. My face started getting wrinkly and my hair getting gray as if I was 40 years old. I was amazed and thought to myself how I wanted to feel as young and happy as I am this moment when turn 40. I told myself I'm going to go after what is important in life and be with my family and take care of school and get my dream job so that I can live happily forever. I walked out of my bathroom and around in my colorful room with everything still wavy and rippling, and at a few points I mistakened objects as people or thought someone touched my shoulder and I would look over and just smile, then I would go back into funland and create new worlds and go to different places at once. I texted my friend again saying whatever you think about during your trip, put it on paper so you can remember when you're sober. I told him tripping is truly a different world and to stay in touch with reality all while having the ride of your life. You have only a few hours to trip so enjoy yourself. Find an infinite amount of positive things to think about and all of those thoughts will cross your mind at once. It only took me a few minutes to have a thousand thoughts and memories pass through my mind. I imagined God and asked for his forgiveness and how I need to do what is right for myself. I pictured the kingdom of Heaven and thought about hoping walking through it's gates one day.  New ground and objects kept coming up as I imagined, As I gripped parts of my room I felt latched on to them and my body went on different journeys as I touched different spots. I kept breathing heavily and feeling so powerful and having my body feel invincible and feeling so happy and thankful for being allowed to see this world and appreciate what it has to offer. I kept thinking about how sometimes I wanted to stop tripping, as if I had a choice, and I kept saying nah I still have a lot of time. So I kept having fun and bouncing my thoughts and myself around in different worlds and terrains and happiness for all what felt like an eternity. Every time I looked at my phone it had only been a couple minutes that passed since my last 5,000 thoughts and worlds I was in. When I closed my eyes and thought of a world so colorful and fantasy-like and unreal, I would open my eyes again and the world  would be real for a few seconds. The colors I imagined were real when I opened my eyes again. I would wave my arms in a swirling motion and then picture that swirl motion as a standstill track, put myself on it, and go for an eternal swirling ride into the most colorful, beautiful world that I created again. I was having so much fun that I didn't want to go back to reality again. Sometimes I would tell myself things in my head and then hear those things echo with my voice, and sometimes a woman's voice. All of my thoughts, worlds, imagined tracks and rides, colors, physical and emotional feelings, would morph with happiness, adrenaline, motivation, enthusiasm, and would all burst into unexplainable and elegant beauty, and then the badass dubstep just turbocharges the fuck out of them. This is my first and so far the best experience of my life that I will never forget.

If you are going to try mushrooms (which I highly recommend), do NOT underestimate the raw power of them. If you take 3 grams like me and don't feel the effects for a while, don't just take 2 more grams thinking you just sped up the process. I took a relatively decent amount and they were enough to make me see and feel everything imaginable. Just be patient and it will hit you when you least expect it. I look forward to more flushes in the future and having more fun in my life. All of you new comers out there, have fun but be safe with the your dosages.

- Str8 Trippin

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