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Tripping alone

first psychedelic experience. what is reality?

So it was a good month or so ago the night of a meteor shower and it was an absolutely insane experience. I loved every second of it and have to restrain myself as i would be easily willing to do this regularly if not for the cost. but anyway, on to the story. As a little gift from a friend for helping him find something he handed me roughly a quarter of some shrooms. without hesitation, i took them aand went home, slightly nervous about trying them. I had told my friend, g, that  had wanted to try shrooms for a while now so i was blown away that he'd given me so much. So it was about 9:30 and i downed the bag in the bathroom(tasted like straight shit. horrible idea as i didnt know i could have cut them up and soaked them in lemon juice). 
10:00 or so- i go to take a piss in the bathroom and notice my floors look awesome. Theyre oak hardwood and stained light so the grain looked like rivers everywhere. 
10:30 i go back to the bathroom just because it is like im exploring my house for the first time. i look in the mirror and just stare like an idiot......for a long....LONG time. or it seemed that way, it was probably fifteen minutes.  I rush to the living room to warn my brother im tripping balls and to make sure things dont get out of hand. He follows me to my room where we just sit and i let him use my laptop as i cant even work it right. 
11 im laying on my bed and seem to feel something envelope my whole body, like i couldnt move and hear a great WHOOSH and i remember thinking to myself "this is definitely a peak, shits about to get real" ...and it did. i completely lost touch with reality. i sit up to get away from this uncomfortable feeling and i start watching trails of my hands again. only this time im in full retard mode....i was totally astounded every time i remembered to wave my other hand(which was next to me) and made the statement "i have two hands" repeatedly. Then i decide to cut the lights off and see what thats like.
1130 i feel like the air itself has a texture and in my dark room i stzrt hopping around like a spaceman, thinking i was in a whole different world. I didnt even think that anything, even whats real, is real,  i lost all touch with myself as well, not even able to think of myself as "me" i now know thats called "egodeath" but i remember telling my brother (among a million other stupid remarks that id be happy to share) that reality is relative only to what your mind perceives as real and what others tell you. because ultimately no one trusts their own minds and their minds will show whatever they want. its like if a million people called a bear a cat, youd start to call it a cat and think you were wrong all along. it was crazy. so much insight and so much general stupidity and carelessness i was in pure bliss all night, and loved every second of it. And the navy seal battle painting on my wall.........highlight of my night and i will forever cherish it  because of the fact that each individual part was doing something completely different and i could see nothing but the painting. i thought i was actually "part" of the painting. i was living my dreams from the floor in my bedroom and nothing could stop me.
 the rest of the night was more sitting in the floor playing with the smoke that rose out of the hardwood and laying on my bed thinking of why i am the way i am. i honestly learned alot about myself and the trip overall was very pleasant and insightful. 
sorry if the story seemed stupid . i could go on for days with all that happened but i figure for a first post i may as  well leave as little room as possible for screw ups and just include the biggest parts. i also taught myself an important trick that night to keep things from going bad. WATCH THE SOBER GUY, if they arent freaking out, then it isnt real and you cana do what i did and just watch the dinner plate sized spider and he will crawl back under your bed and leave you alone. no joke, every time i trip theres at least one spider....and i HATE spiders

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