Posted by QuantumNexus (12/29/13 04:44 PM)
I lemon teked 2 grams my first time and it was an awesome experience. Definitely nearing a level 3 (2.5-3) at the peak. I cannot imagine 7 grams for the first haha. When I was reading this, I didn't understand why it was so intense (I saw the "first time" title and assumed you did a low-moderate dose). When I saw 7, damn... haha

Posted by spacecake42 (12/29/13 01:20 PM)
it was my first true psych trip, ive done dxm and a couple other things to trip before but never shrooms haha. ad yeah you wouldve laughed you ass off at me. i was completely retarded
Posted by gg2013 (12/28/13 11:58 PM)
Was there your first ever trip? Or just your first trip on cubes? Cuz it says your first experience but at the bottom you said you see spiders every time you trip..haha either way it sounds like a blast, I can only imagine how funny it probably was seeing your reaction to having two hands haha!  And staring at the painting is something I do as well, every time haha
Posted by spacecake42 (12/28/13 04:33 PM)
it was dude....trashcan melted and it was so much more than id hoped for. and to me a quarter was just an unknown volume haha i thought it was just that i needed a q to trip....glad i made that mistake
Posted by QuantumNexus (12/28/13 10:51 AM)
You ate a quarter your first time?! Damn... Good vibes man, sounds like you had an awesome night!

Edited 12/28/2013 12:51 PM