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Mushrooms and heavy indica

A bad approach

Before this trip i had not experienced any shroom or LSD trip for two years so i guess i had forgotten how "Real" the experience could be.
I also took some weed with me , i thought i could smoke some in case things get too scary etc.
So i was sitting at home and took aprox 3g of psilocybe semilanceata (hadn't eaten anything in 5 hours)
I did not get a good night sleep that day , although i napped for a hour or two before.
The first effects started coming at about 30minute mark - my vision became very clear , and colors seemed really brighter.
Little bit later then that , i started to worry a bit, and for some reason i thought it would be a great idea to smoke a joint.
So i went outside for a walk to smoke.
By then i was tripping pretty hard and got some great visuals of trees waving around and clouds were spiraling and merging 
very beautifully.Then everything started hitting really hard. I lied down on a grass field and had the weirdest feeling.
First of all i saw different scenarios of  people living their lives and doing things and then it sort of zoomed out 
and all that was going on with everyone was connected by this.."Blanket/sheet" of space or consciousness.
As soon as i recognized the Sheet, i had a feeling of extremely intense presence of some kind of  vastly intelligent and powerful being.
I saw/felt as if everyday life...was a kind of layer , and the presence poked a small hole through it and ripped it wide open.
There was my life , and a vibrating void or a portal to the universe. (Id kind of reminded me of saurons eye from LOTR for some reason)
I had a strong feeling that it was complete alien and i had no way to even begin to comprehend its existence...or any existence for that matter.
After that i stumbled home and went to bed , before falling asleep i still had the feeling of that presence 2-3 times.
Each time forcing me to jump out of my bed and catch my breath (what the hell is going on ?) 

The experience started off as pretty innocent , but i think somehow the weed made the trip too serious.
Most of the trip i was dead serious, but still learned so very much.
I would actually do it again, but prepare more.

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