Posted by Cmnd_Ctrl (10/15/13 06:28 PM)
I had a similar experience on 4.5g Penis Envy and vaping indica; however, I believe I'm very susceptible to indica induced paranoia. Mixing translated to 4 hours of intense paranoid delusions and unfortunately, It was too real for me and I won't be mixing again.  
Posted by LuminousAlpha (09/24/13 06:06 AM)
Yea , i learned that too.
Thanks for the feedback :) !
Posted by misterjingo (09/23/13 09:54 PM)
"Each time forcing me to jump out of my bed and catch my breath (what the hell is going on ?) " This is a panic reaction, I've experienced it myself in the past. I tend not to  touch weed when tripping because it really does intensify the effects for me, and makes my mind more "cloudy".
Posted by LiquidGlass (09/23/13 12:48 AM)
Weed makes my trips less intense, but i am a REALLY heavy smoker . . . 
Posted by huffinglue (09/22/13 02:56 PM)
weed always makes trips more intense. i thought everyone knew that.