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1g Penis Envy Mushrooms - Much more than I expected

Cemetery Adventure!

Alright, so I'll start this off by saying that I was able to acquire 5 grams of penis envy mushrooms. I had 2 friends with me for this trip, which I will refer to as C and T. I will also say that I will try to remember everything as it happened and explain to the best of my ability, and I will apologize if some parts are confusing. 

It all started when I went and checked the mail on an average day. We had just ordered an ounce of penis envy mushrooms so I had been checking daily. As little as 4 days after ordering, our package had arrived. I quickly called C, he was understandably excited. C and I had tripped on mushrooms before, but the trips prior to this one were no where near as potent. 

Within the hour, C and T had arrived. Originally we did not plan on tripping that night, in fact we wanted to save the majority for my sister's birthday which will be coming up. Soon after opening the bag and inspecting our mushrooms, C says to me and T - "Do you want to test these out tonight?" I thought to myself and said "hm, I suppose that would be a good idea to test potency." 

Being aware of the penis envy mushroom's potency, the 3 of us decided to eat 1 gram each. In retrospect, this was a very wise decision because none of us were very familiar with mushroom trips. 

We gobbled down the boomers with some white grapefruit juice. The taste wasn't too bad as far as the shrooms themselves, but the juice was pretty nasty. We decided to drink it anyway for the vitamin C benefits. Within t 30 minutes, I had started to feel the onset of effects. Other than feeling slightly different in my head combined with an increasing anxiety building in my stomach/chest, nothing was very noteworthy about the first 30 to 40 minutes. 

The effects were continuing to build and within an hour of ingesting, the effects were hitting us in full force. The three of us were starting to feel a bit antsy and restless, so we decide it would be a good idea to go for a walk outside. I live in a small town of less than 150 people, so we were completely comfortable walking outside as the sun went down. As we walked outside, we decided it would be cool to trip in a paddleboat which was sitting inside of a nearby pond. This pond was surrounded by trees and by the time we got there (5-10 minutes of walking), it was WAY too damn dark to see anything. The effects were becoming quite intense at this point. We try our hardest to walk through the dark pathway towards the pond. The dark areas of my peripherals had many faces forming and morphing into other things. I was becoming quite disoriented and it was difficult to navigate the dark path. In my head, I had REALLY wanted to keep going forward because I knew that once we got to the pond, our trip would have no boundaries. By boundaries, I mean we would be able to relax and not have anything us preventing us from delving into our minds. However, within maybe 20-30 feet into the pathway, we decided we couldn't see a damn thing and that we'd probably get lost in the woods trying to find our way to the pond. A major disappointment in the moment, because I felt as if I was backing down from a goal. This, however, was probably for the best as the dark of the woods was becoming quite menacing. It seemed as if evil spirits and entities occupied themselves inside the darkness.

Nevertheless, we turn around and walk back to the road. The cemetery was nearby, so we decide to walk there. In retrospect, this might have been a poor decision because well... cemeterys while tripping balls? ... Not the greatest idea in the world. We turn and walk into the path leading into the cemetery. In the distance, there is a small glowing orb that is changing colors. Naturally, this piqued our interest. "What is that?", I thought. "Am I tripping or is there really a glowing orb changing colors in a cemetery? What could it possibly be" I thought to myself. At this point, the 3 of us were in wonderful moods. everything that we said was becoming hilarious. It didn't matter what it was, we were laughing our asses off at every little thing. We continue walking on the pathway towards this glowing orb, occasionally stopping to appreciate our surroundings. There was a full moon out and it seemed as if nature was thundering at our presence. The insects outside were extremely loud, as if acknowledging our presence. The sky was flashing with heat lightning. I felt as if we were summoning nature and all of it's aspects. 

We finally arrive at the glowing orb, which in reality would only take maybe 1-2 minutes to walk the full distance of the cemetery. The three of us surround the orb and inspect it closely. We discovered that it was not a glowing orb, but in fact a daisy flower attached to a gravestone! This of course was not a real flower, but it had some sort of divine essence that I felt. The flower changed colors from purple, yellow, to green, to blue while the petals would sprawl out and back inwards. This flower had captivated us, as all around us in the dark shadows were menacing vibrations but this flower had seemed to be a shining beacon of light amongst a shadowy and dark cemetery. C pointed out that the daisy and gravestone were directly across from the moon, as if someone had purposely placed the flower there to be across from the moon. This of course made no sense because the position of the moon constantly changes, however in that moment, it felt like there was significant purpose and meaning to it, like the flower was meant to be there.

Myself, T, and C were so captivated by this flower (and tripping quite hard at this point) that we decide to just lay down in the grass, as trudging onward was becoming quite the challenge. While I layed down on the grass, I closed my eyes. I started to see the spirits and souls of the dead beneath me. This wasn't scary to me in any way, but I was intrigued. My CEV would change from faces warping and morphing, to very distinct animals, which would then morph into kaleidoscopic patterns of wonder. I felt as if we were laying on holy ground and that this one grassy patch in the middle of a cemetery, was the one place where we could just relax and be free of worries. I felt incredibly in tune with nature, like I was experiencing for the first time what it was like to be one with the Earth. I thought about how humanity is entirely made up of artificial environments, and how we create our own things to live comfortably. I thought about what it must have felt like for early man to live in the harsh conditions outside without the comfort and safety of a home. At this point, I feel as if I'm tripping the hardest. C and T and conversing about random topics while still laughing their asses off, meanwhile I'm completely in my mind. I felt completely free and at peace with myself and the world. Nothing could bring me down at this point. 

After maybe 30 minutes to an hour of laying on the grass in the cemetery, we decide it would be a good idea to start walking back. As we walked back on the pathway towards the road, I could see hundreds of faces forming themselves in my vision. Their expressions would morph and change with the moods of and laughter of my friends. As we laughed, the faces would make absurdly hilarious expressions, as if the world was laughing with us. Indeed, the world thought we were hilarious, or so it felt. These were among the the many visuals I was experiencing. 

Once we arrive back at home, we decide to ask my neighbor J if it's okay to come chill with him. He was fixing a computer for T and his apartment is extremely pleasing to be inside while tripping. He had many toys and things for us to observe or play with. Overall, it was extremely pleasing to be in his apartment. C was tripping very hard at this point. He would walk a short few steps, squat down, stand up again, then walk somewhere else and laughing to himself. He decides to go into a dark area of J's apartment and starts screaming "AHHH I'VE NEVER BEEN HERE BEFORE!!!" all the while laughing hysterically. Myself and T were calmly relaxing and watching J go to work on the computer. I remember J saying "Wow, I can't believe you guys are tripping this hard from only 1g! Those are some potent shrooms." and indeed they were. T had started to become nauseous so we all went outside again to lay in the grass. The grass was cold and soothing to us. At this point, we're still laughing at everything. Everything was still hilarious. Within 5-10 minutes we decide it's a good idea to go upstairs to my apartment. 

We finally get back to my apartment, and once we are inside, the kitchen is glowing with with positivity. The checkered floor would wave back and forth, twist at it's own pleasure. It seemed as if my surroundings were dancing almost. The walls breathed and flowed like rivers. At this point, I ask my friends if they want to chill out in my room and listen to some music. I put on a Shpongle live video, as Shpongle always has the trippiest live shows. C relaxed on my bed and T was comfortable laying on the floor. Meanwhile, I'm staring at the carpet as a majestic lion forms itself. It's mighty mane warped around his neck and flowed with the music. This was extremely pleasing. The prideful lion would then morph into a feminine leopard and then into other various images. 

At this point, we had been tripping for maybe 4 or 5 hours. It was hard to tell but we were beginning to come down. C decides that he wants to go home and sleep in his own bed. I make sure he is okay to drive and tell him repeatedly to be very safe. Once he leaves, T and I decide to smoke a bowl and play some guitar together.

As I inhaled the smoke, my lungs and body were overwhelmed with pleasing body sensations. The body high was wonderfully intense and comforting. T picked up a guitar and started going to work with intricate solos (which in reality probably weren't that difficult). I remember laughing and saying "I'm imagining thousands of Egyptians worshiping you to your guitar playing." He laughs and continues playing. I start playing my guitar, which was a little difficult at first. We turn off the light and continue to smoke. Now, I should add that we never play guitar in the dark, but it was as if the music was guiding my hands to the right chords and notes to match his playing. The music we created sounded incredibly beautiful. I truly felt as if we had never jammed guitar this well together. Normally we have trouble matching eachother as we have 2 vastly different guitar styles. We smoked and played guitar for the remainder of our comedown until we were ready to sleep.

I fell asleep with ease and woke up feeling very refreshed and enlightened from the night before. Although it was only a 1g trip, I felt as if none of my other trips could compare to this. I have tripped on LSD and many other chemicals, but the mushroom trip was truly a wonderful experience. I'm glad we tested them at 1g, because I could easily 2g being overwhelming from this batch of mushrooms.

I still have 2g of penis envy mushrooms, and plan on taking them with one of my closest friends at Starved Rock (a national park/forest preserve) in the nearby future. I will write another trip report afterwards. 

Happy tripping everybody and thank you for reading. :) I can honestly say that mushroom tripping gave me a heightened appreciation for the relationships I have and also the world itself. Rate and comment if you will, I'd like to hear feedback and maybe tips for writing better trip reports.

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