Posted by scubasteve1472 (01/07/18 07:40 AM)
I've also been very surprised by the effects of a gram of these. I went through a summer of 4 incremental doses of these, first a gram, then 2, then 2.9, then an 8th, and on the 2.9 trip I saw the same Lion visual in the clouds that you are referring to, I believe. It was a Bob Marley head that turned into a Lion with dreads, which then turned into a lioness. Very interesting. To echo the other comment, an 8th of these made me piss my pants and speak in glossolalia as well, haha. That was a terrifyingly powerful trip, not recommended unless in a very familiar and cozy spot. Even then, you best be ready haha. Penis envies are a fucking challenge, that's for sure.
Posted by Falconer (01/19/15 03:58 PM)
I've got some myself. Everyone has given me great feedback, but I've yet to try them myself.  I too, am near starved rock.
Posted by mos619 (11/28/13 10:47 PM)
Sounds great! I had some super potent Cyanescens once that had me pissing myself and speaking in glossolalia. I also happen to live by starved rock.