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MRCA Tyroler Gluckspilze
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"We've time traveled to the 60's!"

2-3 Grams Ovoid

It's Memorial Day weekend, 2013. Three of us (me, Bee and Jay - all male in our late 20's-early 30's - Bee and I are engaged) had an amazing and relaxing day. Jay had an early morning canoe trip, then the three of us went to get pedicures (don't judge - it's an amazing feeling and this was the first time in years for each of us). Afterwards we walked in downtown Baltimore to get some dinner, where we decided that tonight is the night. We walked to a little cupcake/frozen yogurt shop and got some amazing cupcakes.

When we got home, I got out the mini blender and threw one portion at a time in, ground it up and sprinkled it on two cupcakes. They wanted cupcakes but I actually enjoy the taste so I just chewed mine up. They also realized later on that they don't taste too bad.

We all three live in a pretty nice, large townhouse in Baltimore. Initially, when I obtained the morsels from an old childhood friend, I tried out a small dose and decided I wanted us to do it outside in nature. But, this night seemed like we could enjoy it in a different way in the safety of our home. Bee has tried this once before, Jay had never tried it and this will be my fourth major voyage. Because I was the most experienced, I deemed myself the guide (not out loud - just decided on this so I could help everyone if they needed it). This would prove to be a good idea later on.

We have a small room in the back of the house on the second floor with an L-shaped light cream colored sofa, matching ottoman, an area rug, a bookshelf, TV and live trees/plants. I laid a blanket on the floor, sat in the middle and gave them a run-down of how to handle certain situations, should they arrive. I gave each person the power to veto any ideas or music if they were not comfortable. I had done a lot of research and this was going to be amazing for everyone. I then proceeded to hook up my phone to the stereo system on the TV, turned Pandora to the Yoga station (great idea) and set up the hookah with some melon-flavored shisha.

For a good hour or so, we sat around talking about this and that. We tried not to anticipate it but it's so difficult! It's all you can really think about. Before too long, I started to feel anxious and giddy. Bee was starting to get giggly and Jay claimed he couldn't feel anything. Things really started kicking in for Bee and I, but not Jay. He's a fairly tall guy so I imagine he needed more to catch up. So we decided to eat a little more straight out of the bag. Good idea.

Not long after another small dose, we were all giggly and joking around. The Yoga station on Pandora has a lot of Native American traditional flute music. Bee kept joking how someone was forcing someone to play the flute for Pandora to the point that their lips and fingers were bloody and they were begging to stop. They thought it was hilarious, but I did not. I let them joke around for a bit but decided it was time to move onto another subject.

I got Bee to come sit on the floor with me and I lit the hookah. For some reason, I thought the hookah would be the center of attention (as it usually is when we are hanging out). We couldn't have been any less interested in it. We took a few hits but it just wasn't doing it for us. This is when Bee noticed a tiny ant crawling on his leg. He swiped it off, which of course killed it. At first, this made me sad. But then I looked up and kept seeing little ants everywhere. Then I exclaimed, "aww... it's okay. There are trillions of ants EVERYWHERE! They'll be okay." For a good while, I kept seeing little ants, but as soon as I would look at them, they would disappear. This wasn't bad. I actually quite enjoyed it.

The plants in the room would not stop moving either. Like they were dancing to the soft and calming music. Every little light or movement caught my attention and intrigued me. Jay could not move from his spot on the couch. He was under a light blanket and waved his legs back and forth. He said if he kept them still, it felt like they weren't there. I told him if he needed to move them to keep from going insane, it was totally okay. Anytime someone started to head the wrong direction, I would steer them in the right direction. I looked at Bee and his aura was very blue. Jay's was orange and stayed that way all night. Bee's aura eventually turned red - I will explain this later.

After sitting around in the TV room for so long, I felt the need to explore the house. They vetoed the idea so I went alone. The hallway outside the room was dark and quiet. It felt new. I went to the main floor and the oriental designs in the rug made funny faces and designs. I would look in the mirrors and my face would make expressions that I was not making - that was cool and tripped me out a little bit. All the pillars from floor to ceiling were dancing and I just had a blast. It was like looking at my house for the first time.

Then I decided to venture out back to smoke a cigarette. My yard looked so pretty. All the flowers were dancing and inviting me down from the deck. So I went and picked some bright yellow flowers along with some lavender. I brought them in to Bee and Jay and said "smell these! I got them for you!" They were quite intrigued by the smell of the lavender, as was I. All smells were intensified as well as lights and sounds.

We would lay around moving from the floor to the sofa and back again for what seemed like hours; listening to music and laughing. We would talk about things that don't normally come to mind, such as how we were basically floating in mid-air while on the second floor because if the floor wasn't here, there would be no ground beneath us - then of course we thought about the 30+ story high buildings and how crazy that would be to see through them. We would describe our closed-eye visuals to each other. We would joke around some more, but most of the laughter came when the music did something unexpected. One song in particular was a happy piano song. It would bring me visions of flowery fields and bright sun. Then the music started moving really quickly and I said "WOAH, where ya goin' girl?!" We all laughed for a long time over that because we all felt that exact same thing.

Then, we found the little LED reading light that comes FREE when you get a Snuggie (don't judge - it was a gift that I am very happy about because I would never buy one on my own). I was so intrigued. When you press the little button on the side, it opens like a mechanical arm and the bright white light turns on. It's actually fun to play with when you're sober, so you can imagine how amazed we were. I went on another field trip out front this time and when I came back, all the lights were off and Bee was shining the light against the glass block which was reflecting awesome lights on the ceiling. He was pretty engrossed with that until he shined it on the TV. We all saw prisms of color shine throughout the TV screen (which was off the whole time). He would move the light in one direction and the reflection would do something else. It was wacky. We thought maybe there was another dimension with tripping fellows on the other side trying to figure out the same thing we were doing.

We laid around listening to music for a while longer and Bee kept getting too negative. He would joke around about the Native American again then kept making fun of people and messing with us. This was when his aura turned red. Then everywhere I looked, I saw red. I didn't like it. I told him to stop being negative. He then realized what he was doing and stopped. They both realized that I was keeping them from going to negative places, so they started calling me scout master for the rest of the night. I really liked it. (They called me scout master because I told them once a while ago that I was the go-to guy to identify insects when I was in boy scouts- pretty awesome that they remembered that and gave me a cool name from it).

Jay tired out by about 5 hours in. He had been up all day so it was pretty much over for him. He trudged up to bed, so Bee and I then took another voyage out front this time and watched the neighbors curtains dance, along with the trees and the moon. The city was the city, but it was so peaceful right then and there. We chased each  other around in the dark because when we would look at each other from across a dark room, our faces would look like skeletons.

We then laid in the living room downstairs on couches that were adjacent/parallel to each other. He looked like a Greek God, just laying there completely relaxed with a bowl of glass fruit in front of him. We stared at the ceiling which has neat geometrical beams built in. The whole house looked so gorgeous. Then Bee looks at the fireplace and says, "the hue in the room is taking me places. Like memories of when I was in Lebanon Valley college..." and so on. I thought that was really neat. Then he said the hue felt like we were in the 60's and I agreed. We thought about all the different people that lived in the house before us and what could have possibly went down at those times. We were so mesmerized by the feeling of time travel and the peaceful feelings we had in our hearts.

We then decided it was time for bed. We couldn't stop talking and he had to be up early so I decided to sleep in the TV room. I kept the yoga station on and fell into a deep sleep. It was truly an amazing experience and we cannot wait to go on a daytime hike adventure with this stuff. I truly think everyone needs to experience this once in their life - as long as they're in the right place.

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