Posted by EasternSun (06/03/13 04:56 PM)
Pete, thanks so much for all the kind words and ideas! The next one is definitely going to be in nature, a hybrid of day and night, and possibly even a higher dose. That's how I wanted this first time to go, but I figured Jay could use a safe setting for his first time. I got most of my ideals from the FAQ (click this), which I highly recommend reading to everyone that plans on taking a voyage - first time or not. I was afraid of psyching myself out with reading too much but it was a huge help.  It actually made my experience feel like my first time (kinda) because of how much knowledge I have now. I've never considered the 4th of July but that's a pretty sweet idea. Thanks again - hope to read about yours soon.  :-)
Posted by Peter Pan Cyan (05/30/13 06:52 PM)
Oh, and congrats on your recent engagement. I'm happy for you guys.
Posted by Peter Pan Cyan (05/30/13 06:51 PM)
You, J&B:

Dude, I really enjoyed your story. It has been over seven years since I had tripped and I am so far over due. Reading peoples' stories, in a way, helps tide me over until my little lovelies fruit. That was pretty cool how you layed out some ground rules e.g. if this happens, then do this-rather than letting newbies shoot from the hip lol. My gf is a pretty smart, responsible, goody-two-shoes type a girl. I finallly have her convinced to trip with me. Took 'the man' to royally fuck her over to be pushed to the point where she wants a little you-cant-control-ME! attitude. I think i will use your veto rule, buddy. The best, in my opinion, was when you'd sit back and simply appreciate nature (things our good, loving God had given us) with your shrooms. Let me tell a little dealy-deal i like to do: I like night trippin, but the day certainly has its own gifts so, i like to combine the two. Now, if you live in the northern hemisphere (places like Hawaii and upper parts of Canada it's not a useful tool) you can take your hand and spread out your fingers with an outstretched arm, take your pinkie finger and touch the horizon. The spaces between your fingers equals a half an hour. Using this you can determine how many hrs until sunset ( from sun till horizon with fingaz in between). Now, why this is significant is to take your shrooms 2 hrs before the sunsets allowing for the .5 hr for full effect. Now, just you and your bro(s) can sit back, enjoy the beauty you've been given, and zen the fuck out- sunset and night trip all wrapped up in one memorable experience!
P.S. no, I don't judge you on the pedicure. I'm straight, and a welder-the last person whom you'd expect to get one. And yeah, they're pretty amazing. Don't forget to save some for the 4th of July!!!!

Best luck,