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Best 6 hours of my entire life, and i never left the couch

my second trip and holy fuck was it intense

alright so ill start off by saying that im still new to psychedelics, i smoke pot regularly but before this, i had only tried shrooms once. on that occasion i had one capsule, which was idk like 2-3 mushrooms, it was nothing, i didn't have any visuals or anything but it was still great fun.

this time there was a lot of people so i wont worry about names. me and about 8 friends went to a mates farm for the weekend, his brother also brought like 20-30 people for the night because we were having a big party; one of there mates was a dj, had a dope outside area, a pool, spa, atv's, huge house to ourselves so it was freaking sweet.

we spent the entire day riding atv's and swimming and shit, just having a mad time, and it got to about 7 o'clock (at this point there was only 4 of us) and we wanted to wait for everyone else before we took the mushies but we were wayyy too excited so we had them anyway. i took my share of about 14 mushrooms, some were real big others were really small, everyone else was having like 10. so we all ate them, they tasted absolutely horrible, then we decided to play some smash bros on the wii while we waited for them to kick in.

after about 10 minutes of playing the game i looked away from the screen, then looked back.... all of a sudden the game had gone to like super Nintendo graphics, like super vivid just incredibly pixilated, like if you were to zoom in on mario's head on the old games, everything was all squared. so im just like, WHAT THE FUCK! but then quickly realized someone must have just picked up an item that made the animation change and i quickly calmed down. i continued playing for about 2 minutes until i realized, wait... if this was an item, wouldn't it have run out by now, its still fucking doing this. so then i look over to my friend, only to see that his face was doing the exact same fucking thing!!! incredibly vivid. i looked around the room and every object was fucking doing it now

when this happened i lost my shit, first of all, it had only been 10 minutes  and second, for some reason i was expecting it to be like my first trip, not seeing any visuals, so i instantly thought holy fuck, i've had too much, i've overdoesed or something this is not right, this should not be happening, im gonna have a bad trip, and as soon as i thought that i got this really intense pain in my stomach making me feel like i wanted to vomit. i stopped playing the game and told everyone that i wasn't gonna be able to hang tonight, i was just going to try and sleep it off cause if i don't ill have to deal with a bad trip for like 6 hours. now... if i can give you one piece of advise, if you feel like your spiraling into a bad trip.... don't fucking try to sleep! as soon as i shut my eyes i was seeing more than with my eyes open, really bright vivid patterns constantly morphing into objects and it was completely fucking with me and i was feeling so sick.

i layed there constantly thinking, "shit man, im fucked, im in so much trouble right now i don't stand a fucking chance, something horrible is about to happen" this just kept going around in my mind for like 5 minutes until i realized, dude, its ok, the worst thing that can possibly happen right now is you vomit, and thats fine, you've vomited heaps, just kick back. but unfortunately within 15 seconds i had completely forgotten that and just gone back to thinking "im fucked, don't stand a chance". then that kept going for a few more minutes, then i would remember that im fine again and that process went on for about 15-20 minutes and it was an absolutely horrible experience.

my friends were only just starting to feel the effect by now  so they decided to go out and see what was going on outside, because there was like 30 people out there having a party. i had decided that sleeping just simply wasn't going to work and that i was just going to have to endure this horrible experience for the next 6 hours. so i stood up and walked into the next room. as soon as i passed the door, i felt a massive wave of energy that completely changed me i instantly went from having one of the worst experiences in my life to one of the best and i was over come with happiness
. i was seeing heaps of shit, i looked at the floor and it was as though i was looking through a fish eyed lenses on a camera.

we got into the next room and one of us got distracted talking to someone before going outside, so by this point i was on another fucking planet my entire field of vision was fucked, everything was morphing, bending, warping so i decided to sit down on the couch, and oh my god... this couch felt like it was the best place to be in the entire universe, this one section of space, it had the best energy i have ever felt, so i told my friend, dude, you've gotta try this shit out so he came over and said the exact same thing. so all four of us were sitting there four about half an hour, just absolutely pissing ourselves, trying to talk but no one could string a sentence together. anyway, the entire time i was in the couch i felt like i was actually melting into the chair, it felt incredibly real, but im like, whatever im just tripping, after about half an hour of focusing on this melting feeling i look at my friend who was sitting next to me, and im like wait... why is he so much higher up on the couch than me? the top of my leg is where his leg touches the cushion WTF HAVE I ACTUALLY MELTED INTO THIS COUCH?!?! for about 30 seconds i genuinely believed that i had literally melting into a couch.....  i then realize that i had just slipped the coushion out from underneith me when i sat down and was so gone that i hadn't noticed

after about an hour and a half our other mates showed up (we had completely forgotten to go check outside haha) and they were completely sober so they were just fucking with us, which was horrible, i didn't want anyone around me that wasn't on my level. they started to tell me that my teeth were all black, and im like shut up guys, im not that fucked. next minute i have about 15 people in my face looking at me saying the same thing and im like, wait, what, and i actually had to go and check in the mirror because i was fully convinced haha. but they had there shrooms and after 30 minutes everyone was on the same level. keep in mind, there was a huge party going on outside, a dj heaps of dancing, lights and shit. and then here we are just sitting inside on a couch haha, but i had this realization that we actually dont need anything to be content or enjoying ourselves, i was having the best time of my life just sitting on a couch, not even really saying anything because i couldn't talk, as soon as i would start a sentence i would completely forget the topic i was talking about which was incredibly frustrating because i was making the most amazing break throughs in philosophy inside my brain and i couldn't share it.

i thought of a theory that absolutely blew my mind. i thought, what if, all i am is just some orb floating in a universe, an orb than at somehow gained a consciousness but had no senses, and in order to deal with this and make sense of it, it created its own illusion in its head.... life. what if my life, everything that i have ever seen or touched our tasted has just been the imagination of some being, and nothing is actually real. well once i hit my peak, this actually became my reality, i had a complete ego death, i was no longer me, nothing was real, i no longer had any sense of having a body, it felt as though the room i was in was the only thing in the world, i couldn't think about anything else that could possibly be going on in the rest of the world, not even the party just outside. it was an amazingly profound and surreal experience.

so many other great stories from that night, but this is already running way to long. basically just spent then next 3-4 hours just pissing ourselves with laughter just talking absolute shit and talking with random people that were coming in and out of the house.
one last thing i would like to add is that with the first time i did shrooms, it came in waves, like i would be tripping for like 2 mins then i would feel completely sober for like 15 seconds, then it would envelope me again. but with this time, there was not a single fucking wave, i was there, i was in that place where not a single object stood still for even a second the entire room just morphing, melting and warping before my eyes for a good 6-7 hours and it was absolutely amazing

thanks heaps if you made it this far haha sorry it was so long. and good luck with your future experiences, much peace and love :)

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