Posted by wem420 (01/20/13 11:41 PM)
Great story. I'm glad that you were able to keep it together AFTER losing it, thats almost impossible for a lot of people! Especially thinking that you were not going to make it already hehe.
Posted by beugs (12/14/12 09:09 PM)
WhutDatShroom - sorry i wouldn't have a clue, some dude just brought a big bad of them, they didn't all look the same though

Adrenalien - yeah well i didn't handle it too well, it made for another horrible experience but luckily it didn't spiral out of control

Stcat - ah nice man, well best of luck with it, the one thing i took from this trip was that i learnt that you really need to prepare
yourself for what you're about to experience, if your not ready you could have a bad trip. that's what happened to me, i didn't expect
it to be any differenet than my first experience and i really didn't think about it at all leading up to that night. best of luck and enjoy :D
Posted by WhutDatShroom (12/14/12 01:22 PM)
What species of shrooms?

Posted by NeonVoid (12/13/12 10:29 PM)
Oh, how I fucking Iove psychedelic mushrooms. c': 

Edited 12/13/2012 10:36 PM
Posted by Adrenalien (12/13/12 03:16 PM)
Fantastic story!

Im surprised you handled the people messing with you well, usually they can make a trip turn sour quick. Kudos.

My 2nd trip was about that dose level and it was not fun at all. Had a major panic attack and it freaked me out big time. "Ego death" panic attack = ohhh no.
Posted by stcat (12/13/12 02:25 PM)
Wow sounds amazing :) I'm trying them soon for the first time and I'm very excited.