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100 mile an hour on shrooms

My most visually intense trip yet

There is quite the bit of detail leading up to this, but its a tad boring so I will sum it up. Basically, my friend rented  hotel room on the beach and had 10 of us come hang out to drink and smoke. When a buddy, Ricardo, showed up, he came to me and said "Bro! Wanna do some shrooms!??!" And of course I took up the offer.

Now in the hotel room, we brought out my grinder and he started grinding up his portion of the mushies. I didn't have a scale, so I picked out two decent sized stems and a cap and figured it would have had me set for a bit. Then Ricardo looked at me and asked, "man that's all you're going to do? These are pretty old so you're going to need more.." and added another two stems and a cap. I then remembered a quote I have in my sig from RR about how scales are for little girls, so I decided, why the fuck not. Lets do this. I asked how he stored them, and he just kept them in a drawer at room temperature. Who knows the moisture or actual temperature so I believed him and added my ground potion into a cup of coffee. Coffee turned out to be a GREAT way to take them, because the coffee soaked into the mushroom bits and made the taste disappear. I have a fairly weak stomach so this worked wonders for me.

After drinking the entire cup, I sat around the room for a bit before I decided that we needed to go find my friend Michael, who wondered off outside due to relationship problems. Me and a friend began the walk, and instantly my legs began to get heavier and my arms a tad tingly. But I didn't think much of it. I figured the tingly feeling was just my stomach telling me that what I ingested was not your typical food. After a 30 second drive down and across the street, we found him walking along the beach and began talking to him. Well, my friend was, but I was too focused on the magnificent force of the wind blowing off of the ocean blowing past my body and how great it felt. I started to get a bit sick feeling, and then noticed a slight fog grew in the distance and the pores of the concrete began to move slightly. From previous experiences, eating mushrooms on an empty stomach ended in me wanting to puke for a few hours and nothing happen, so I needed to eat some food. We walked a little ways down the sea wall and went into a pier/restaurant. As soon as I took a look inside, I learned that this trip would be like no other. It hadn't even been 15 minutes sense eating them, and there were bright auroras of light around each and every sea shell displayed in the room. The grains in the wood floor began to sway and wave throughout the planks and began to almost glisten. I ordered some food with great concentration, and ate it upstairs. At this point, my up-close vision was enhanced tremendously, and my friends's slight sunburned faces began to morph and change. Their sunburn would swirl around their face and and their freckles that I never noticed before moved around their cheeks. I then began to question, just how much did I take? What's going happen? And then began discussing this out loud with my friends. I suggested we go back to the hotel, because all I wanted to do was get to a safe place where I could just sit down and enjoy.

Now I know a lot of people like to run around and do stuff while tripping, but by this time I just couldn't do it. I felt the power of the mushrooms rising and I knew there was no way I could trip and be safe without being in a room. Especially at 2:00am at the beach on a summer weekend with tons of cops. After 20 minutes of walking around the outside of the hotel to get in, we finally got in through the back door and i made a mad dash for the room. Once there, I hopped onto the comfortable bed, and just gazed at the ceiling, and just in time. The ceiling had a texture similar to paint splats. These circular bits of texture raced and bounced off one another from the far side of the room to the wall above my head. Once they reached the wall, they would blend together and just disappear into the wall. This was a continuous, non stop cycle for the remainder of my trip on the bed. Still laying there, I looked into a mirror across the room, and everything around and inside this mirror melted except for the mirror frame itself. Everything in my peripherals was simply slushy mush. A piece of chipped paint on the wall above me reflected in the mirror and looked like the head of an eayless, mouthless, snake the slithered through the melting surroundings. I knew where I was, and knew what was going on around me (beer pong, bong hits, etc) so I did not lose touch with reality. I think the main cause of that was this mirror frame. Had it melted into my vision as well, I bet I would have lost touch with reality. As I watched this snake slither for about an hour, glass like orbs began to slowly come through the ceiling from the upper floor. I felt like they were spirits from another world, watching and observing my behavior. It looked like a perfect, Photoshop masterpiece. Once the 4 orbs were completely visible, a man made of the same crystal/glass like material came from around the corner and stood next to the bed at my side. This man was in a cloak, with a weird visor like thing covering his face, leaving only minimal amount of space for his eyes to peer through under his hat. I wasn't scared, again because I knew this was the sheer power of the mushrooms. Then there was a knock on the door, and all of the crystal beings vanished into thin air. Several friends came in and started partying on further. But here is where shit went bad for me.

In the midst of their conversation, I overheard someone say "yeah there are like 6 cops outside the hotel right now." Instantly, I shot up, and looked around the room. Beer pong, marijuana, shrooms, hard liquor, EVERYWHERE. A loud knock hit the door, and my friend Mark walks in and says "Guys, there are like, 4 cops knocking around on doors and listening into them upstairs.." I said, "Guys, I'm gettin' the fuck out this bitch..." and everyone looked at me like I was a deranged psycho path, followed by "Jake no you cant leave!" , "Oh guys he's just having a bad trip" blah blah blah. I looked at them and replied, "No, there are cops knocking around on rooms searching for something. We have been loud as fuck for the past several hours, it smells like straight dank in the hall way, and we have 8 people more than should be in here along with LOTS of illegal shit." I shook everyone's hand, gathered my stuff, and walked out. At this point in the trip, I was thinking on that "advanced level of thinking" I like to call it. The point of invincibility and unlimited possibilities. Everything around me was so vivid and clear. Two friends decided they wanted to go home, and showed up at the car. After a little bit of negotiation, I was given permission to drive. Being my own car, I wanted to anyways. Plus no one else knows how to drive stick. I got in, backed out, drove out, and headed on.

Guys, driving on the clear thinking, shroom high mind, is THE COOLEST thing I have ever done. EVER. There was a very vivid 3 inch high rolling fog going across the road. The lights from cars, street lamps, and stop lights stretched out to me and bounced off and ricochet off of everything in my car. The paint, the steering wheel, me, the dash. Everything. The wind flying by my car sounded exactly like flying in a small jet from state to state. The feel of driving my car was so crisp, so smooth, and so strong. The lights, I just cannot explain the lights better than I have. They were magnificently fantastic. Bright, red, green, yellow, white, blue, strong, and all stretching from one focal point miles ahead of me into me and my car. After driving a bit, I noticed I was beginning to go faster and faster. Michael looked over at me, and said "Jake, I know what you're wanting to do.. DO IT!" and I just put the pedal to the floor and began racing down this open highway at 4:00am, not a car in site. Now I'll admit, I did a bit of false advertising. I didn't reach 100 MPH, I only got to 90. But boy did it feel like more. I felt my car beginning to catch lift, and I began to panic in my mind, thinking my car was going to lift off the road and begin to fly. I felt the front wheels coming off the ground and the angle of my car increasing upwards. Then I noticed a turn ahead, and it was like none of that ever happened. Well, it really didn't.. But damn it sure felt like it. After this turn, it began to pour, and I mean pour rain. It was near impossible to see, even for my sober friend. I bit my lips, and then went into a shriek of laughter shouting 'THIS IS SO FUCKING AWESOME!!! MOTHER NATURE!!!!" Followed by laughter of my friends, and then the sudden stop of the rain. It was so depressing. I wanted it to keep raining.

My high finally started coming down, and somewhere in that mix I decided to take a detour from heading home and took another hour long drive to a separate beach. I then watched the sunrise.

We then drove home, and I fell asleep at 8:00am for a work shift at 11:00am the same day. Pain in the ass but it was all worth it.

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