Posted by Psicodelico (09/20/12 10:37 AM)
awesome son... my friend has driven on shrooms and he told me was scary as fuuuuck, maybe cz he was in the middle of ny on a wednesday but whatever. He said he thought he was gonna fall from a cliff or something, he couldn't look down and the whole way all his surroundings were vividly breathing lol. the part of you feeling about flying is quite funny... 5 stars
Posted by Jake1715 (07/10/12 02:05 PM)
Yeah I'm never driving on shrooms again. I was more concerned of getting out of an area full of police and being arrested over others and my safety. I do agree that it was irresponsible, but it was an experience I will never forget and enjoyed on top of that. No one was hurt, so I'm not bothered. And it was awesome..

The condones are not chodes, just other shroomers who enjoy the drug as we all do and wish for it to not be frowned upon further. Thank you for taking up for me, however!

The picture was taken in Surfside, Texas. It's a pretty nice beach (=
Posted by Epiglottis (07/10/12 12:13 PM)

Commenting on a trip report to give a lecture is lame.

Who cares what these chodes condone?!? Sounds awesome. Most cogent report I've red in a while.
Posted by SleeveOfWizard (07/10/12 09:45 AM)

Yea, I can really condone driving on shrooms as someone getting in an accident will make shrooms a scapegoat and ruin it for everyone else. But I have driven after my trip ended when I was still buzzing a little bit (5hrs after eating a dried eighth) and I felt like a fighter pilot. Since it was night so the HUD was all lit up, then the low fuel light came on and beeped, then the transmission light came on (low fluid) the my seatbelt light started flashing and beeping and all I could think of was "Behind Enemy Lines" when theyre chaffing the AA missles.. It was pretty intense and brought my trip back a bit, plus I was hauling ass like I usually do..


That being said, I never endagered anyone since I live in a very rural area and it was 2am, and I never saw another car. Plus I get paid to drive fast, so I can handle the speed.

Posted by bloodsheen (07/10/12 04:43 AM)
You are the reason drugs are illegal

Thanx for your irresponsibility
Posted by jack_straw2208 (07/10/12 12:46 AM)
nice pic! where was that?