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3.5 and orange juice= amazing trip

intellectual meditation

              My friend C and I decided that we wanted to trip one weekend a few weeks ago. It was my 2nd time and his 8th or 9th, so we were both pretty excited. We had the entire day planned out exactly how we wanted and couldn't wait for the saturday to come.  After a 3 hour road trip the day before to get the fun guys, we arrived back at my place on saturday around 1 o'clock.  I had read on shroomery on numerous occassions that if you drink your boomers with orange juice that it intensifies your trip overall, from the amount of time it takes you to begin tripping, to the duration of the trip, to how intense the trip is itself. So we decided to eat ours with a couple tall glasses of o.j.  It also helps with the nasty ass taste.  So we both grubbed down our 3.5g bags of stems and caps, most of which were covered in strands of blue.  We then started playing some music while we awaited our journey to begin.  Within in 20 minutes i had one of the strongest body highs i had ever experienced in my life. We were both laughing uncontrollably and just vibing to the music being bumped out of a big stereo i had in my room.  Everytime the bass hit from the speakers it felt as if my high was increasing more and more.  it wasn't long after that, that i began to have some awesome visuals.  Everything in the room was alive and breathing, doing its own thing.  We spent about 2 hours in my room just listening to music and enjoying our trip.  I was starting to lose awareness of where i was or what was going on, and it was still early so i knew that i still had quite a journey ahead of me.  My friend C got up and opened up the blinds on my window letting in a huge beam of warm crisp sunlight that lit up the whole room and changed the atmosphere completely.  As i felt the sunlight hit my face and warm up my body the biggest feeling of peace and happiness and love just rushed over my whole body.  I felt ecstaticly happy, and just wanted to call everyone i knew and tell them how much i loved them.  We then decided that we were going to have to go outside and explore.  We had planned on longboarding to this spot on the river, but due to both of us tripping pretty hard we decided it was best to walk.  This ended up being a much better choice as we wandered around town talking and laughing and just observing everything there was to observe.  It had turned out to be such a nice day and the colors of everything from the grass to the sky, to the trees were just so crisp and clear like i had never seen it before.  After what had seemed like hours upon hours of walking my friend C informed me that we had been gone from my room for 15 minutes. This was astonishing, my concept of time was completely gone, it had truly felt as if i had been outside smiling for days.  
            The next thing I know we had made it to the spot on the river, (somehow). It was like neither of us had any set of directions, or any idea where we were, but we both knew where we were going.  We both sat down on the grass and stared out across the green water, watching all the different ripples and currents swirling around going in their own directions.  Across the river on the other side was a mountain covered in hundreds upon hundreds of trees.  It was not quite spring yet so there were no leaves on any of the trees.  I sat and watched as this huge choir of trees, all in unison with one another, grew twice their size and then shrunk twice their size, doing this repeatedly the entire time i was there.  I looked around at the grass, and other trees, and the river, and sun light, and just everything outside seemed as if they were in perfect unison with each other, all breathing in and out at the same time as if they were all connected. I felt so connected with nature and the earth and everything, it was overwhelming. I obviously can't explain the sensation enough to give it justice, but it was amazing.  It was at this point that i began pondering so many intellectual thoughts in my head. i was consistently having massive break throughs about my own personal situations and things going on my life. It was as if i analyzed my entire life from the moment i was born all the way up until that very moment. I also started coming up with theories about random aspects of life. One of them was the thought of what if somehow it hadn't been discovered yet that there is a tiny portion of your brain buried beneath tissue and nerves and whatever that allowed you to think on a different level than normal, and allowed you to expand your thoughts beyond the realm of your intelligence, and the only way to tap into this area of your brain was to trip mushrooms.  What if all the amazing and undescribable things people see and the places people go while on mushrooms or any type of psychadelic, actually existed, it just hasn't been realized because after its over you view it as merely your hallucinations. I found myself completely lost in a dimension of my own thoughts and theories. Every time i thought of a new thought or had a break through of deep meditation i could feel my brain being stimulated and a huge rush/ wave of euphoria would engulf my entire body. if felt as if my body was having a seizure on the inside, but it was the most pleasurable feeling i have ever had. it was truly amazing.
            After a while at the river we decided to make the walk back to my place to chill and listen to some more music and smoke some herb. We made the walk back, only stopping at a sandwich place so that C could take a piss. I waited outside of the shop because i was in no condition to talk to anyone who was on earth, because i knew that i wasn't....as i waited outside C was taking forever in the bathroom. After about i guess was 15 minutes i began gettting extremely worried about him and pulled out my phone to give him a call. He answered and said he'd be right out. When he came back out he told me that he had made the mistake of staring into the mirror in the bathroom and got lost. He struggled to explain to me what exactly had happened in there, but i wasn't worried because i knew i couldn't understand him anyway. it sounded awesome though. So we make it back to my room and decided to smoke a pre-rolled blunt we had rolled before we started our trip, which was also dipped in promethasine. We were both coming down now as it was about  10 o'clock, but after the blunt i was right back up to where i had been earlier...tripping hard. We put on some music and turned all the lights off, watching the visualizer on the computer that we had hooked up to the t.v. For the next hour i am completely incapable of explaining what happened. The only way i can describe it is that between the crazy visualizer and the bass bouncing the entire room, i was once again lost in thought and literally felt my mind being blown.  I remember watching in amazement as my brain slowly floated oout from my skull and straight through the ceiling....it was gone. It was such an intense sensation that i will never forget. I loved every second of it. AFter a few more hours we were both back to normal and began discussing all the things that had happened throughout the course of the day.  That night we went to a bar and had a few beers and the next day I was completely fine. Such an experience that gave me a completely new aspect and look on life in a positive way. My personal opinion is that day trips are better than night trips, and that it is also a much better experience to trip outside with nature. AMAZING.

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