Posted by YourHomieInOly (03/31/10 03:15 PM)

Excellent report man!  I'm going to coment on some of the things you wrote and give you my perspective on somethings.  I've enjoyed thinking about and learned from what you've said here, hope you can enjoy/learn from what I have to say as well. 

I found myself completely lost in a dimension of my own thoughts and theories. Every time i thought of a new thought or had a break through of deep meditation i could feel my brain being stimulated and a huge rush/ wave of euphoria would engulf my entire body. If felt as if my body was having a seizure on the inside, but it was the most pleasurable feeling i have ever had.

 I offten get those head rushes or surges when I am thinking about something and feel that I have "made a breakthrough", or whatever you want to call it.  I always seem to get them when I'll stumble across some "profound" discovery, only to realize that, in truth, it was actually very obvious and common senseical, and that I had just never given the subject any amount of thought before!

"I looked around at the grass, and other trees, and the river, and sun light, and just everything outside seemed as if they were in perfect unison with each other, all breathing in and out at the same time as if they were all connected. I felt so connected with nature and the earth and everything, it was overwhelming. I obviously can't explain the sensation enough to give it justice, but it was amazing."

I know EXACTLY what you mean!  And you do a very good job putting it into words.

"One of them was the thought of what if somehow it hadn't been discovered yet that there is a tiny portion of your brain buried beneath tissue and nerves and whatever that allowed you to think on a different level than normal, and allowed you to expand your thoughts beyond the realm of your intelligence, and the only way to tap into this area of your brain was to trip mushrooms."

I don't think there is anything anatomical about what you are describing (ie I don't think there is necessarily a physical part of your brain that remains dormant until it is stimulated by hallucinogens) though certainly, at a chemical level, hallucinogens effect your brain and change the way that it operates.  I think that we all learn to think and solve problems in a certain way and we get accustom to thinking in that pattern.  I believe what hallucinogens do is "shake up your system" so to speak and they force you to think differently, specifically they make you think more objectively.  You are able then to see things for what they truly are instead of what you believe they are, if that makes any sense.  Your beliefs can be influenced by culture, your parents, your experience, ect, and they all remove you further and further from the objective truth.  I have also found that once I learned this, I have been able to think in the same way when I'm not tripping, which leads me to believe that hallucinogens don't provide you with an inteligence that is forign to yourself as you describe, instead they "awaken" (corny verbage I know but hey, I'm not a poet) an inteligence that you posses already, but have repressed due to the influences of culture, your parents etc...

"My personal opinion is that day trips are better than night trips, and that it is also a much better experience to trip outside with nature. AMAZING."

I agree, and also trips are better when you can share the experience people you love and respect and can be fully honest with, sounds like your friend C is that.  Remember, alot of people who have never tried it believe all the hype and look down on it.  Worse yet, a lot of theses people will think less of you for doing it.  Always be grateful that you have a friend to experience this with and work together to figure out what, if anything, it all means (I'm not saying you aren't, just a friendly reminder :)
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promethazine dipped blunt? wtf?