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Dung Agar

For dung thriving species

NOTE: dung-loving species grow perfectly well on non-dung-based agar.

Dung in agar is unnecessary.

Rabbit dung Agar:

Approx 3 pellets of rabbit dung or equivalent is placed in 100ml water. agar is added, the mixture autoclaved and plates poured. ...


Horse manure extract:
{see Fastfreds agar cookbook for alternating recipe}
2parts Hpoo
4 parts Distilled H2o

Bring mixture to boil and simmer for 2 hours. filter through cloth.

Sterilization: 15 minutes at 121 degrees celsius
Oatmeal extract:
30g oatmeal
1 liter water
Wrap oatmeal flakes in cloth and T-bag Into Water.
Bring to boil and simmer 2 hours. squeeze and filter through cloth.

Sterilization: 15 minutes at 121 degrees celsius
OHMA (Oatmeal Horse manure Agar):

.33 liters horse manure extract

.66 liters oatmeal extract

15 grams agar

Detailed instructions for Moonflower's Cheap ---Rice Malt /alfalfa/ Brewer's Yeast Agar:

1 ea Quart Jar (Mason/Ball type with lids)

Take 2 cups of rice and place in a 3 quart bowl or pan.

Pour approx. 1 1/2 quarts of clean (bottled or rev osmosis) water into

Stir in 1 cup of alfalfa (like in the health food stores) meal.

Add 1 standard dolomite (oyster shell-crushed) tablet and allow to
dissolve in resultant slop.

Allow to sit for 2 hours/stir every 20 minutes or so. It is ok to warm
the mixture to speed up the expression of nutrients, but cold soaking
seems to be the best. (takes longer, but has a better quality) The water
should be about 70-80 degrees F. for best results not _chilled water.

Strain out rice/alfalfa and throw it away.

Mix 1 pkg of your regular baker's yeast into liquid and stir in.

Let the mixture sit for 30 minutes to an hour or until it is obvious that
the yeast are activated. (usually a foamy looking bubble mas will be
floating on top and the mixture may appear more opaque)

Strain out and throw away solid yeast grains. Boil the resultant liquid
rapidly for 5 minutes and then turn off the heat and add 18 grams of agar
agar (aka red algae) that you bought at the health food store.

Pour mixture into mason/Ball jar and put lids on (seal down).

Sterilize in pressure cooker for 20 minutes at 15lbs and allow to cool.
(this is at sea-level...people in high altitudes should consult a
conversion table for equiv. pressures and times)

You will now have 1 quart of a very good agar media for mycoculturing
that will support _luxuriant_ mycelial growth. It is more than sufficient for
starting spores as well and seems to produce a lot more "banding" than other
media I have tried. Banding is when the mycelia (dikaryotic) grows in a pattern
that resembles circles of threadlike fungal strands similar to tree rings on
the petri dish. I have seen carpophores form directly on the agar and fruit in
a covered dish on this media and permeation time seems to be cut in half in
grain media spawn.

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