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First Trip

My frist trip that ended in hell.

Shroom Report


            It started on a Friday after school. My friend found a rig for shrooms and we decided to buy some shrooms. We find the house get about 3 1/8 ounces and get on our way. We decide to take them on Monday since we don’t have school that day. After a long weekend Monday finally comes and the time comes. We split them up about 1/8 each for 3 people. I ate them with a banana and bread and honestly they made me want to puke. After I ate them I was a little nervous but also excited.

            It’s been about 30 minutes and I feel a tad bit different but nothing big at all. Four of us, 3 on shrooms decide to drive with some buddies that want to smoke some bud. When we start driving it hit me. It hit me life a ton of bricks. The road started to move, trees started to swirl and everything was just very different. My friend started to blaze and I just stared through the window into some bushes. They started to move and I saw very clear distinct patterns. I also felt a little “stoned” keep in mind I didn’t smoke. We start to drive back to Stevens house and I really enjoyed watching the grass grow. I thought that was very interesting. When we finally arrived at Stevens I walked in the room and I just lost all sense of reality. We were watching blow and it started to scare me. There were 5 people in a small room and slowly but surely I became worried and extremely nervous.

            I decide to walk around the house to cool my head off and I see a mirror. I look at my face, and honest to god, it was melting. The pores in my skin were extremely distinct and my face just started to melt. I thought I was dieing. I thought the mushrooms were poisonous and I was actually melting and eventually going to die. I started to panic. I went on the computer and was talking to my friends and they told me the next day I was saying very strange things. I was asking one of my good friends “What the FUCK is going on!!” I also started to talk to my friend with a lot of drug experience. He realized I was having a bad trip and attempted to calm me down. It helped but only for a little. After a little of just being scared, sweating perfectly, and still thinking I was going to die I called my friend V. I always promised her I would never do drugs and I felt extremely guilty. When I heard her voice, I honestly saw my life flash between my eyes and realizing that I was ruining my life. Keep in mine i am a guy who hasn’t cried for about a year. After hearing her a little more, I just started to ball tears. I thought of my parents and my friends that always cared and I took advantage of everything. I was sad, depressed, scared shitless, and it was one of the worst feelings I have had in my entire life. I just thought so deeply about my dad and mom and all my friends. I just wanted to get out of that state of mind. After my extremely horrific shroom trip it finally turned a little better. I was sitting on the couch and me and my friends started to talk. It seemed as though we were talking for hours and when I looked at the clock we were only talking for 3 minutes. This made me laugh extremely hard, one of the hardest i have ever laughed in my life. When it was finally over I called my friend V and I have never been so grateful in my life. A tear came down my eye from how joyful I was to be alive. I swore to never touch drugs again as long as I live.

            I think this bad trip was cause by the setting. We took the shrooms and I had to be home at 6 which already got me nervous. Also we were inside a house which wasn’t a good place in my opinion. I recommend you future shroom users to take them on an extremely comfortable day where you have a lot of time and you are ready for the experience. Make sure everything is good and you have a lot of time.

            This experience completely changed my life. I have never been so grateful and appreciative of my life in the 16 years i have been alive. I never will touch shrooms again and at least for a little time stop all drugs completely. I think this horrific experience was in a way good because it showed me what in fact I was taking advantage in life.

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