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A Talk With A War Veteran!

"I found my self running for my life as hundreds of demonic shadows chased me!"

Alright ,  so this is a story of  another crazy ass trip I had. This happened about two years ago (2005) on a Thursday when I was back in college. At that time I was taking these really potent ass shrooms about every other week and the trips were unbelievable (all level 4's and 5's).  At this point in my life I would say I was abusing the mushrooms I have now learned to love and respect, and taking over a 4th every trip and going through an ounce a month for about 6 months, 7 months straight. Well back to my story,  I come back from Psychology class walk in to my apartment and head off to my room.  I had fasted for a week which I did often before a trip and planed on doing what I did almost every Thursday or every other Thursday and trip fuckin balls.  So I go to my wonderful stash of magic and open it up, I  take a big ass hand full of these beautiful shrooms and put them in a bag which I put in my pocket. I then head up stairs to my friends apartment (which was always a small party of close friends) I say whats up to everyone and tell them " to get there drinking faces on"  Ant (my friend the alcoholic Russian who lives above me) and  I start chugging vodka and feeding who ever wants to drink shots. We then chill for a while, they smoke a couple blunts and I watch everyone play poker. Were all cracking jokes and then someone mentions shrooms and then says yeah "Johns a fuckin shroom head" (thats me), I laugh and then say "Speaking of shrooms" then reach in to my pocket and devour the big hand full that I had. We all laugh, they tell me that I'm crazy and then continue talking and joking around. When I start feeling the effects, euphoria with some visuals, I stay for a while and then tell everyone I'm headed off to the party down the street. Some of my friends tell me that they will be there after the poker game and tell me that I look like I'm tripping balls, I laugh and say "thats because I am". So I head off to the party down the empty road surounded by woods. As I'm walking and tripping , I'm loving the euphoric feeling I have at the moment, enjoying everything and taking this new beauty in. As Im walking I peer in to the woods and I start seeing dead people hanging in trees. I stop walking down the street and slowly walk a couple feet in to the woods and stare at all the dead people hanging. I then realize that it is pretty creepy so I smile and head off to the party while all the people in the woods glance at me. I finally get to the party, talk to all my friends most of the friends I had at the party at the time were girls and tell them I'm tripping balls and that I saw people hanging in the woods and that they all had a nosse around there necks. We all chill for a while and then some of my girl friends get all concerned and tell me to take a seat and relax. So I then take a seat next to a crazy man who lives at this party house who we all call "blue" haha. Alright, this is where my trip gets crazy. No one ever talks to this guy (people think hes a nut case) so he usually talks to himself. He starts splurging out words to himself so I decide to start talking with him. I don't remember alot, but as he was talking everyone disappeared, all was silenced  in the crowded room and it appeared it was just the two of us in the room full of people. He ends up telling me his storys of fighting over in Vietnam.  The crazy thing was, I was actually in the story as he told them , my eyes were his eyes at some points of the trip. He talked about how hard it was watching his friends die, the frightful sound of gun fire, explosions, and he just explained everything so perfect with every detail. I was actually there in Vietnam with him watching his life changing experience which had turned the poor man insane. The trip was so graphic, frightening and very sad. I could see him watching his best friend get shot in the head, as he cried over the friend he had just lost, hitting his lifeless body as if to wake him up even though it was obvious that his friend had left this world. I then get jerked from behind and realize that some one is shaking me. I come out of the horrible war story, I then realize how crowded the room I'm in is and look up, it's my friend Kaitlen telling me to stop talking to the guy and that I'm scaring her. I tell her that I'm fine and that it is just an amazing story, she looks at me and sits dow next to me and asks me, can you at least wipe off your tears. I look at her and feel my face and realize that I had dried up tears running down my face. I look at her and ask "was I crying a lot?" she tells me that I wasn't however at certain points of the story tears would run down my face. So I continue to listen to his story while Kaitlen holds my hand, however now I wasn't in the story as much, it was more like flash backs and quick visuals (still very graphic). A couple of my other friends who were girls decide to stand close by and listen as well. He started talking to us about how to kill people and I ask "have you ever killed some one?" he then starts telling us a story then as hes talking the veteran suddenly gets his finger and quickly taps on my friend Moniques temple as he says "and then I shot him" never removing his finger, and then squiggles it down the side of her face as if he were following the blood dripping down the cheek of the man he had just talked about killing. As he said this that is exactly what I saw, she had a bullet whole through her head and blood quickly ran down the side of her face following the path of his finger. My friend then freaked out an took a couple steps back because it was freaky as hell, I asked her if she was alright and told her to calm down. I then sat back down and jokingly told my friend Monique who is a girl "SUCK it Up, and to grow some Fucking balls!" I then told her "Don't be gay Monique" as she laughed. However after I said the word gay, the war veteran ,"Blue" started mumbling to himself and then started freaking out mumbling faggot to me and he looked like he was about to fight me, and started talking about killing me. I then get really angry as I make a fist and look at Kaitlin and my other friends and say "what the fuck is he talking about" I then put up my fist and tell him "you better calm the fuck down" (I would never hit an older person) however I was just trying to warn him to leave me alone. The girls then get all nervous and start telling me to calm down and that hes effing crazy and that I'm just tripping really hard. I do calm down however because I'm tripping balls and hes freaking out, I say "Ok I'm going but if he touches me I'm going to knock him out" which I would never do. So I get up, and realize I'm still tripping hard as fuck and go over and watch a beer pong game, and chill with some of my boys that were playing poker at my friends apartment earlier. 10 minutes later I get a phone call from my friend Ant and some friends telling me that they miss me. So I tell him I will be right there, and of course this has to happen right as I'm walking out the door theres a fist fight and I somehow I end up kind of being in it because as I was leaving someone punched me. So the owners of the party house (which didn't like me to begin with because my friends had problems with them before) start pushing everyone out an all of a sudden every one turns on me, I then have 7 people who want to fight me and most of my friends are at the apartments or in the house where the party is. I hate fighting to begin with, so to avoid the fight I start  going crazy telling the kid who I know is the only one who really hates me to go one on one with me (which would have been bad because I was still  tripping hard as hell), and any one that came close I'd flip out on them  as if I'm going to kick there ass. So finally every one calls down and they tell me to just leave, so I say peace. As I go off on my way and  turning the corner, I realize my shadow is following me like a stalker, I then realize that theres more then one shadow, (I like to freak my self out when I trip sometimes) knowing that I'm tripping I try to believe that it's real and all of a sudden I start freaking the fuck out, soon after I found my self running for my life as hundreds of demonic shadows chased me! I was sprinting down the street as fast as I could with hundreds of creepy shadows almost demon like quickly flying after me, as I'm running and passing people headed to the party I here voices from people I pass  yelling "whatts wrong" and "that kids buggin out",  as I run for my life while being chased by these demons and as I ran I  also saw more demonic shadows creeping out from the woods which still had the dead people hanging from the trees. Things get really blurry from her however I then race in to the apartment complex and from what my friends say, I burst through the window screen of my apartment in almost like a leap frightening them in silence as they stare at me. They tell me I looked pale as hell and was sweatiI then say "I am tripping balls right now" while gently biting my thumbs and go off in to my room and never come out until the next morning. The next morning I try and recall the events that took place the night before. From then on when ever I would be at a party at that house and see the old man people called  "Blue" I would talk to him and ask him how he is and called him by his real name rather then the nick name people had given him, I would also talk to him more as a person rather then look at him as a nut case like everyone else would, this trip opened my eyes and has helped me feel for people in the veteran I spoke withs place and has also gave me a greater respect for people who have mental problems and who are insane from troubled experiences they have face and I now look at them as regular people now rather then some one you wouldn't think twice about. I know do not  trip nearly as much as I used to, I might trip once every 3-5 months now, however the expirience is always a positive one where I learn somthing new, as well as beautiful. Although my trips might seem crazy and mind blowing I have never had a bad trip in my life.

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