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How can I stop a trip (ie: sober up)?

There is no "off switch" to tripping.

There is no "off switch" to tripping. You must allow the mushrooms within you to run their course. I find a beer, milk, ice cream, soothing music, conversation with a trusted person, eye contact or physical contact can help bring a trip to a more positive plane. Most people who need to sober up are having a bad trip.

One way of reducing the subjective intensity of the trip is in taking a mood stabilizer such as a Benzodiazepine. I like to avoid Benzodiazepines unless they have been perscribed to me because the addicton potential is so high and too many of my friends are Benzodiazepine addicts. Never mix Benzos with alcohol.

Reminding myself to "Move to center and go with the flow" helps me most, but I am an experienced tripper. Beginners may want the mediCation. I prefer mediTation. Also, during bad times, I remind myself the trip will be over soon.

Of course, Benzodiazepines will not subdue the effects of the trip, it will only serve to calm your mind for the duration of the trip. This may seem like it reduces the effects of the trip... but the reality is that it doesn't.

People who are taken to a hospital during a bad trip are often given Benzodiazepines but, this is not to stop the trip. Rather, it serves to calm the tripping patient. Hospitals are not fun places to trip so trippers are often tranqualized with Benzos until they sleep the trip off . This is why I don't suggest taking people to a hospital for a bad trip (assuming they are not a real and immenent threat to themselves or others). For a while (until the tripper is sedated), it will make the bad trip worse. Time always lessens the effects of any post-peak trip. If you can sleep it off without a hospital, DO. A mushroom trip will end in 6 hours with or without a hospital.

Benzodiazepines do not discontinue visual and psychological alterations; they allow the tripper to more easily deal with them by lowering levels of stress and anxiety to a more managable level. Care must be taken when using Benzodiazepines as they are gabaminergic psychoactive chemicals and can synergize with other drugs such as Alcohol, and GHB causing coma and death much more easily. Also, be sure that dosage units are measured with a sober and level head to avoid confusion while in an altered state and are available close by if needed.

There may be some interaction between gabaminergic drugs and drugs used to treat epilepsy so you should consult your doctor or pharmacist regarding this matter.

A positive mindset, a good setting, thoughtful preparation and a trustworthy trip buddy... Used together, there should be no real reason to sober up, simply accept what is happening and DON'T PANIC. The universe has always been this odd, you just never noticed it until now.

Time will help you come down.

Bad trips ARE bad. But it seems to me... the people who fear bad trips most, have never had one! Don't worry about a bad trip. Be smart. Be prepared.
In the words of EllemyshShade, "Psychedelics don't always give me what I want but they always give me what I need".

If you expect or fear a bad trip, you are much more likely to have one. Tripping is what you make of it. It is the ultimate "Choose Your Own Adventure" book.

"Mushrooms show you only what you are ready to see," said Terence McKenna. I agree. Mushrooms are 99.9% newbie friendly. Trip smart and you will trip happy.

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