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Is tripping with others a good idea?

The important thing to remember in organizing a group session is to have knowledge of and trust in the fellow voyagers.

From The Psychedelic Experience by Timothy Leary

"The important thing to remember in organizing a group session is to have knowledge of and trust in the fellow voyagers. Trust in oneself and in one's companions is essential. If preparing for an experience with strangers, it is very important to share as much time and space as possible with them prior to the session. The participants should set collaborative goals and explore mutually their expectations and feelings and past experiences.

The size of the group should depend to some extent on how much experience the participants have had. Initially, small groups are preferable to larger ones. In any case, group experiences exceeding six or seven people are demonstrably less profound and generate more paranoid hallucinations. If planning for a group session of five or six people, it is preferable to have at least two guides present. One will take the psychedelic substance and the other, who does not, serves as a practical guide to take care of such concerns as changing the recordings, providing food, etc., and if necessary or desired, reading selections from the manual. If it is possible, one of the guides should be an experienced woman who can provide an atmosphere of spiritual nurturing and comfort.

It is sometimes advisable that the initial session of married couples be separate in order that the exploration of their marriage game not dominate the session. With some experience in consciousness-expansion, the marriage game like others may be explored for any purpose - increased intimacy, clearer communication, exploration of the foundations of the sexual, mating relationship, etc. "

Here's The Shroomery's take:

Yes. Sharing the experience with close friends or relatives is always a good idea, however, there are limitations;

Keep the number of people involved to a controllable limit.

Don't get separated or you may waste your trip worrying about each-other. Expeditions should be done in groups of two or more and the group should know where you are going and when you will be back. Limit distance and duration of the trip to what you would allow an unsupervised child.

Have a planned activity for the group to participate in together.

Tripping with one to three others is fun.

Tripping with others is a great idea!

Especially if they are people that you love and trust and the feeling is mutual. It can help bring relationships to another level.. maybe bring out a side of it you may not have noticed before. *Real* friends and loved ones are perfect trip partners. Strangers can be fun too, in the right environment.

In general, you should avoid people with bad 'energy' and negative vibes. Some people will try to mess with you while tripping or pull you down.. some people may be drunk and belligerent and some may even be violent. Stand up for yourself, but don't fight it, don't argue with them.. just leave or make them leave.. go somewhere else if they are interfering with your trip..YOU ARE IN CONTROL.. be with different people or by yourself. Mushrooms will instinctively tell you this, but I am pre-warning you.

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