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A Successful Dream: Increasing the Potency of P. Cubensis

A method using Demanthus Illinoesis root bark to increase the alkaloid content of shrooms.

This is a fascinating technique just send in by an unidentified shroomer out there. If anyone tries this, please post the results on the message board.

Last night, I dreamed I took part in a successful experiment involving strange plants and lifeforms I did not completely understand . When I awoke, I wrote the following monologue in my dream journal. It is a work of -fiction- from my creative unconscious. I take no responsibility for anyone attempting to live out my strange dreams!

"120 grams of Desmanthus Illinoesis rootbark was broken into small pieces by hand, and these 'chips' were added to a blender. They were blended on high speed, and shaken, until the bark was reduced to a fine, rusty-colored powder. The blender was left with the lid on for about 10 minutes, allowing the fine particles to completely settle before opening. The contents of the blender were carefully emptied into a metal cooking pot (with a fitting lid). The pot was then partially filled with Denatured Alcohol. This pot was taken outdoors in a well ventilated area, covered, and gently boiled on an electric hotplate for several hours. (DANGER: DO NOT BOIL DENATURED ALCOHOL IN AN UNVENTILATED KITCHEN!). After several hours, the solution was allowed to cool , and then strained through a screen strainer with a coffee filter resting on top of it. The resulting alcohol was deeply rust colored. (A bit of this alcohol solution was 'tested' for possible tryptamine content, by pouring a small amount onto a glass dish and evaporating it. The resulting material was a yellow-tan crystalline substance that looked excitingly like synthetic DMT is described. Scraping this material with a razor-blade and smoking the residue showed it to have a -threshold- of psychedelic activity, yet beyond any possible placebo effect, in the opinion of this researcher.)

A 'deep dish' baking pan was filled with approximately 3-4 cups of horticultural vermiculite, of a grade suitable for use as a mycological substrate. The rusty-colored alcohol solution was stirred slowly into the vermiculite carefully, to expose it to the vermiculite as evenly as possibly. This baking pan was put outside, on the hotplate (medium setting) to expedite the evaporation of the alcohol. The vermiculite was stirred approximately every 5 minutes to make sure the alcohol was evaporating and leaving tryptamine deposits on the vermiculite evenly. After approx. . one hour of heating and stirring, the vermiculite in the pan -appeared- to be completely dry, sandy in texture. After CAREFULLY wafting (smelling) the pan from a distance, it was determined that it still smelled like alcohol. (DO NOT SNIFF UP A LUNG FULL OF HOT DENATURED ALCOHOL FUMES!!!) After heating and stirring for 15 more minutes, the vermiculite was carefully determined, by smell and texture, to be dry and completely free of alcohol. It was then taken inside, and put in the freezer to cool.

This 'enhanced' vermiculite was soon used to prepare a mycological substrate, adhering to the PF method. The jars were prepared, sterilized, cooled and inoculated as normal. Mycelium growth occurred at the normal rate. The cakes were cultivated in a styrofoam cooler, with perlite humidification. The fungi grew quite normally. Upon drying and sampling, they were subjectively considerably more potent than Psilocybe cubensis grown on normal vermiculite. One freshly dried mushroom, weighing .6g, was all that one experienced explorer could comfortably handle. For information as to how this process may have increased the potency, see page 280 in TIHKAL. These are strong entheogens! Treat them with love and conscious respect, or they may 'punish' you. Please keep them sacred and do not involve those souls who do not genuinely seek to experience and live with the Divine Light!"

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