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TheMilkMan's Sporeprint and Syringe Tek

Another sporeprint and syringe tek.

You will need the following shit:
  • fresh shroom cap
  • a straight pen
  • a zip loc style plastic bag
  • a clean syringe
  • an index card
  • clear packing tape
  • isopropyl alcohol
  • shot glass
  • sheet of glass or tabletop
  • a bunch of cotton balls
  • lighter
  • pot of bottled water and a stove

Ok, first you must make a print, to do this take the straight pen and put it in the center of your shroom cap, so you can pick up the cap without having to touch it with your hands. Take the shot glass and your sheet of glass or table top and wipe them down with alcohol and dry them with a cotton ball. Using your packing tape cover a front and back section of your index card, and wipe it down with alcohol too. Your index card should be look like it has been laminated. Place it on the sheet of glass or table top and put the shroom cap on top of it with the pin sticking up (of course) and then put the shot glass on top of that . The glass should cover all of the index card and shroom cap. Now wait about 12 hours, by this time many thousands of spores will have fallen onto the plastic covering the card. Take your plastic bag, make sure that it doesn't have any holes and it has not been opened. Quickly take the shot glass off the shroom cap and remove the cap by grabbing the pin and lifting. Open the bag, but try not to let any air get into it, and slide the index card with the print into it, quickly seal it. You must get the print into the bag as quickly as possible so any unwanted spores don't get onto it or in the bag. Now you should have a plastic bag with the spore print on the tape covered index card sitting at the bottom.

Now to make a spore syringe out of this print you must boil some bottled water. Taking the syringe out of its wrapping take the cap off and suck up about 10-12cc's of water. Flame the needle with the lighter until it glows red, to kill any unwanted germs and put the cap back on it. Let the syringe cool for about 3 hours before you use it again. Get the plastic bag and open a small spot on the corner and squirt all the water from your syringe into the it, reseal the bag and start scraping spores off the index card with your finger, just make sure that you don't put a hole in the bag when you are rubbing it. By now the water should be a dark purple color because of all the spores floating around in it. Using the alcohol wipe down a spot on one of the lower corners, and dry it with a cotton ball, be sure to remember where this spot is. Flame the needle of your syringe again to make sure its clean and jab it thru the plastic bag in the spot that you just wiped down with alcohol and suck up all the water. You should now have a syringe filled with a ass-load of spores, flame the needle part for a third time and put the cap back on it. Let your syringe sit at least 24 hours before you use it to let the spores rehydrate.

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