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Mushroom Hunting

Gallery of shrooms growing and picked from the wild. If you want help identifying your own finds, please use our Mushroom Hunting and Identification forum.



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  • oldimages/18393/21951.jpg
    This is a picture of an artisian well, which feeds thousands of gallons an hour into a stream, then pond. It is loocated in the same field where the Treasure Coast Cubensis was first isolated by Mr.G. This field is located close to I-95 and Florida State road 76..........FYI Created by: anonomous

  • oldimages/18393/21955.JPG
    Psilocybe subaeruginosa. These little bewdies are quite potent only requiring 4-10 to cause chaos.These ones were found growing in Eucalypt forest in Diamond Creek ,Victoria ,Australia Created by: offmetree

  • oldimages/18393/21956.JPG
    Psilocybe subaeruginosa , a choice shroom ready for eating Created by: offmetree

  • oldimages/18393/21957.jpg
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    mystery fruit Created by: Suntzu

  • oldimages/18393/21959.jpg
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    Created by: Suntzu

  • oldimages/18393/21962.JPG
    psilocybe subauriginosa (??) picked in Alphington Victoria Australia I went for a skate and seen these beauties growin in mulch under a tree 50 metres from my home I laughed all the way home Created by: offmetree

  • oldimages/18393/21963.JPG
    Psilocybe subaeruginosa. Alphington Victoria AustraliaIn my ongoing search for funky fungi I was amazed to find these. They went very blue specially round the edges and were much bigger than the psilocybe eucalypta in the bush Created by: offmetree

  • oldimages/18393/21966.JPG
    large and potent! I dried them in my closet for one month in total darkness Created by: p§¥¢h¤p§¡L¤¢¥ß£

  • oldimages/18393/21967.JPG
    Whilst walkin along the yarra river at avoiding golfballs at La Trobe golf course in Alphington Victori a i found these interesting psilocybes??? They were quite rounded and almost closed underneath and had very thick stems but went bright blue when they were crushed in my pocket almost fallin in the river Created by: offmetree

  • oldimages/18393/21971.jpg
    Picked shrooms n cow poo....extremly strong and big. Created by: malice kittie

  • oldimages/18393/21974.JPG
    psilocybe subauruginosa?? These were growing in wood chips in Bundoora Victoria Australia.I found em cos all the slugs were blue!! These lil shrooms were really blue n really strong,3 was pretty crazy but I ate 40-50 over the night n smoked a few too !! hee hee hee..... Created by: offmetree

  • oldimages/18393/21979.jpg
    Fresh European 'Liberty Caps' (P. Semilanceata). Pic found on the internet but just like the ones I pick every September in England! Created by: Rob

  • oldimages/18393/21990.JPG
    • 3.50

    An hours work on the local golf course ;) Created by: Shroomboy2002

  • oldimages/18393/22802.jpg

  • oldimages/18393/22812.jpg
    what kind are these bostitch@bellsouth.net

  • oldimages/18393/22874.jpg
    Psilocybe cyanescens growing on a lawn that had wood mulch on it

  • oldimages/18393/23583.jpg
    alot of wet cubensis

  • oldimages/18393/23596.jpg
    Copelandia cyanescens, Brisbane Australia picked by Mesqualero

  • oldimages/18393/23663.jpg
    Lismore goldtops after the drought NSW Australia

  • oldimages/18393/23892.jpg
    Correctly Identified Ps.Eucalypta which is only recorded from New South Wales!!!

  • oldimages/18393/23893.jpg
    Psilocybe Subaeruginosa (All woodloving Psilo. in Victoria fall in this catagory!)

  • oldimages/18393/23894.jpg
    Psilocybe Subaeruginosa (Wavy-capped variety)

  • oldimages/18393/23996.jpg
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    you know all that shit you hear about Florida and its shrooms....well, here's your proof. We pick em by the garbage bag full down here!!!! peace

  • oldimages/18393/24113.jpg
    Shrooms I found in the Pocono Mountains, New York

  • oldimages/18393/24221.jpg
    Found in horse dung..Are they psilocybe coprophilus?

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