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Trippy Art

Trippy art which was inspired by magic mushrooms.


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  • oldimages/18205/21573.jpg
    I always dream in color... Created by: Smack31

  • oldimages/18205/21574.jpg
    Alice In Psiloland : A new Testament to the classic tale. Had to be shrunk from it's original size so it lost alot of clarity. Email me to get the full crisp version, well worth it. Created by: The Dark Side 456

  • oldimages/18205/21576.jpg
    Some trippy art I concocted in photoshop. Enjoy Created by: Sporkzeus21

  • oldimages/18205/21577.jpg
    Walice In Rabbitland : By now you should realize I have a fascination with the rabbit hole and in general the whole Alice In Wonderland Story, as should all Psilocybinists. All me art had to be shrunken from the original, feel free to email for original sizes. Good Shroomin' Created by: The Dark Side 456

  • oldimages/18205/21578.jpg
    Intergallactic Cubensis Embryo of The Lapin Nebula : A funky, dark, erie, serene design. Hey what's that Constalation in the back, I've seen that somewhere else before. Created by: The Dark Side 456

  • oldimages/18205/21579.jpg
    • 4.00

    Walice : The original rabbit that visited me during my state of funginess that inspires all my art. Created by: The Dark Side 456

  • oldimages/18205/21580.jpg
    Shroomery Title submission with 4 blue mushrooms and a moon at night in 3d. Created by: Daryl

  • oldimages/18205/21581.jpg
    I know this pic is small, but only because its origional dimensions made the file size 760K. I call it Alien Shroom. Created by: Phry Guy

  • oldimages/18205/21582.jpg
    A Shroomy Smurfy Tale Part 1: A comical tale of how good and evil can be balanced with nature, in 2 parts. It's a little fuzzy because it had to be shrunk in pixels, but you can still see and read what's going on. Enjoy Created by: The Dark Side 456

  • oldimages/18205/22771.jpg
    crazy mushrooms make things go blurrrrrrrrrr!@?#@#$@#@#%?@#$%$@#$

  • oldimages/18205/22818.jpg
    a pencil drawing of a small patch of mushrooms with various designs and the words magic in the background

  • oldimages/18205/22820.jpg
    Mushroom trip inspired. My recurring color motif.

  • oldimages/18205/22869.jpg
    A loving tribute to Happy Days... with a little twist :) Bordom and early morning English class do not go well togeather ;) -Trippy Hippie

  • oldimages/18205/23058.jpg
    The Psychedelic Experience - By Psychotech Pitu

  • oldimages/18205/23059.jpg
    This is a 3d piece of artwork, created whilst under the influence.

  • oldimages/18205/23408.jpg
    instead of hw on a wednesday a stoner would sit up and do this like me

  • oldimages/18205/23542.jpg
    phycadelic shrooms 60's style was made in photoshop 7 i hope u like. more 2 come

  • oldimages/18205/23554.jpg
    I consumed some P. cubenis and observed a chess board for quite some time.

  • oldimages/18205/23650.jpg
    This Super Dooper hand-drawn mushroom was a drawing made in Chemistry class.

  • oldimages/18205/23702.jp
    alice in Wonderland buggy smoking his Hookah!!

  • oldimages/18205/23781.gif
    Psilo Burn - Burn away body, burn away belief, burn away ego. . . - By Psychotech Pitu

  • oldimages/18205/23845.jpg
    • 5.00

    Mushroom Kingdom- My alternative to taking notes in science class. Stare at this during a trip and trust me you will be amazed!

  • oldimages/18205/23846.jpg
    here is the opening to my magical mushroom realm. Copyright Batty.

  • oldimages/18205/23850.jpg
    • 5.00

    i saw this image in my head when i was trippin on some golden caps at school during lunch

  • oldimages/18205/23857.jpg
    Luminent Roots. Made in 3ds max and Photoshop. (www.surreal-utopia.com)

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