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What is a good way to pasteurize straw and dung?

Put the straw and/or dung into a pillow case, submerge in pot with water with a weight on top at 170°F for one hour.

Put the straw and/or dung into a pillowcases, laundry bags, or 5 gal paint strainers with a slipknot holding the top shut.  Pre soaking the straw is optional. Heat water in a pot, pail, 55 gal drum, or tote to 160-170F. You want the water vessel about 2/3 full with water. Submerge the straw bags into the hot water. realize that traw will swell with water so leave room for expansion. A core temp around 155-145 starting is acceptable, ending no lower than 135F ish. Make sure all the straw is fully submerged and place a weight on top or the lid and top off through a hole with a funnel. Insulate with blankets/towels especially if you're making a smaller batch where the temp will drop faster. After 60-120 min take the straw bags out and use your oven rack on top of the sink. Put it on that and let it drain/cool for 4-6 hours. When it has cooled down somewhat , give it a squeeze, as hard as you can. You can place a fan blowing onto it to speed up the process but be careful as this can also dry out the straw. Once the straw is mostly cooled make a clean workspace. A piece of plywood with poly sheeting over it makes a easy to clean easy workspace. Dump out the bag(s), fluff up the straw with clean hands and allow to finish cooling if needed. Once the sub is below 80F you mix in the spawn and pack your trays, logs, pails, monos or bags. 

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