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~ Willy Wonka Tripps Me Out! ~

Okay so its my 18th birthday and I'm like what a good way to celebrate by eaten some mushrooms with my friend Robert.

Okay so its my 18th birthday and I'm like what a good way to celebrate by eaten some mushrooms with my friend Robert. This was my second time taking them and it was my friends first time ever. So i bought an 8th for each of us and we took them with some orange juice at midnight in my room. We sat their for like a half an hour and watched family guy and then they started kicking in and the show was all bright colors so were like fuck this its time for Pink Floyd: The Wall. So we put it in the DVD tray and it came to the main menu and i kept pressing start movie and it wouldn't start! i tried every possible way and the damn thing wouldn't start. So our second choice was Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (the old one). So i start the movie and turn out the lights and were just chillin on my bed and my cell phone rings and when i put it on my ear the phone felt all fucking huge and it was stuck on my head. So after that shit happened i got back into the movie and I'm watching it like what the fuck is going on...and all the kids in the candy store were all little demon children with evil faces ripping the store up and killing the store clerk and I'm like wtf!! wtf!! Robert are you seeing the same shit i am and he was like yeah dood what the fuck is this. Then we kept seeing flames and this Nazi guy kept re-appearing throughout the movie and it had this crazy ass music play every time he popped up and me and my friend would start freaking out. Then this part in the movie where yer like watching this static television and it made my whole room have static lines in it and we were like in the fucking movie jumping back and fourth throughout it and me and my friend saw all the same shit and it was fucking insane. Then my friend kept chanting over and over again i hate Willy Wonka, i hate Willy Wonka, i hate chocolate, i want a knife so i can kill Willy Wonka, and i was like no no no don't, and then he kept saying this is intense, this is intense in this crazy ass demonic voice and i was like shut up! then he said hey Chris if Sammy was made of chocolate would you eat him? and i was like yeah. After all that it just stopped and everything was calm and my whole room was swaying back and fourth and i look on the T.V. and fucking Pink Floyd: The Wall was on and i was like uhh..Robert did you put this movie on? and he was like no did you? and i have no idea how the fuck that happened and after that i had the worst stomach ache in the world and i couldn't sleep and when i looked at the time it was only 4 in the morning and that night seemed like an eternity. Does anyone know how to get rid of the stomach ache problem when yer shroomin? if their is a way let me know.

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