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Wicked Witch of West

My first time tripping, I had no idea what to expect.

My first time tripping, I had no idea what to expect. I had just started smoking weed and didn't know much about drugs at all. Well, I was spending an exchange year in Germany. Me and 2 of my friends decided to take a weekend TRIP to Holland. We had looked through some magazines that had ads in them for shroom stores and went to the one closest to the German border. My friend Jenny went over before my friend Brad and I, because there was no way that he and I could have made it to Dr. Paddo's (the shroom store) before it closed. So, after about 10 hours on the train, we (Brad and I) met Jenny in Arnhem. We played a joke on her by acting like Brad didn't come and then, when she really believed that he didn't he jumped up behind her and scared the shit out of her. Later I found out that she was trippin when we met her (Level 1) Anyhow, we went to a couple coffee shops and got really stoned. I was really tired after smoking about a gram of Northern Lights, and wanted to lay down somewhere. Jenny said "Hey, let's eat these shrooms and you won't be tired anymore." (She had tripped lots before) Brad decided he was too stoned to trip, so Jenny and I split about 3 1/8 bags between the 2 of us. They didn't taste as bad as I had thought. I mean, they tasted like shrooms, right? They were really pretty too, had like a blue look to them. Well, nothing happened right away, I was expecting it to be like pot and kick in. We were in this park in the middle of the town sitting on the back of some building. I leaned against this wall and started feeling a little weird. I wasn't talking because I was still pretty stoned. I stared into the sky and got totally lost. I felt like everything in my life was a dream and tripping was real. I closed my eyes and melted into the ground, I felt like a puddle and that I was never going to see anyone again, yet I was never scared. I thought I was hovering over my body and looking at my surroundings from the sky. I thought I was dead, but never scared. Then I realized in the middle of all the confusion, that I was only tripping, but then I was back to melting. I was listening to Brad and Jenny talk to each other but I could only hear random words, it sounded like they were say "Tree walk bird face like talk cloud....", it was really fucked up. I think I tried to say something but it didn't come out the way I wanted and they laughed. I opened my eyes and saw a bike going by in the park, about 50 ft. away from me, it rode by and then turned into the Wicked Witch of the West and flew away, yet again, not scary. Jenny said that she had to leave, and never really figured out why, even to this day. So, I was stuck going with Brad to a coffee shop so he could buy some weed. Before Jenny left, we walked across the street onto the main street and there were all these lights. I though that cars were coming for me and I just kept going around in circles till' Jenny stopped me and asked if I was ok. This was about 3 hours into the trip. I told her that I needed her and she said "Just follow the roads and everything will meet in the middle." I then thought that my trip was this game that I had to play until it was over. I thought that I had to follow all the fucked up thoughts in my mind and eventually it would all come back to reality (in a way it is *GRIN*) Today I realize that every road in that town lead to the center where the park was. Anyhow, so I thought Jenny was going back to Germany but I wondered how, because Brad had all our tickets. Brad and I walked around and there was a split second where I thought that I had come down when he asked me how I felt. We went to a bar because I though that Jenny told me not to forget to drink because I would get dehydrated.....so I asked the lady for a "Coke" (remember, they speak Dutch in Holland, not English) and she freaked out because she thought I was asking for cocaine.....so, I was like "Okay, water then please!" So I got a water and it was GREAT! Then Brad came out with a Coke....I wasn't even going to ask how he got one. Then he left and I didn't know why.....I thought he was as fucked up as me and just left because he had to like Jenny, but he left his backpack behind. He only went to the bathroom, but I didn't realize that at the time. I was trying to reach for the menu on the table and couldn't grab it because it felt like my hand was dipping into the table. Well, we left the bar and went back to the park. Brad said he was worried about Jenny, so I started to worry too, I was slowly coming down now, after about 5-6 hours. Brad fell asleep and I tried to load my camera.....(I did get a couple of pics of me tripping) Suddenly I heard someone yell my name, it was Jenny, I was SOOOO happy, I threw my camera and ran to hug her. We talked for awhile and she found about 1/16 of shrooms left in her bag, so we ate em'. The sun was coming up, we had tripped all night, and Jenny was so beautiful. She was a blonde hair blue eyed girl, but looked like she had brown hair that was just swaying in every direction. We layed on the ground and watched the bird. I looked into the sky and swore I saw thousand of birds, but that was just a hallucination. Brad woke up and we walked to the train station, I was still mildly trippin' on the train (Level 1) until we all split up, then I was still hearing Brad and Jenny call my name when I was alone. I would have to say that it was an EXCELLENT trip!!!! I have never tripped that hard since, only one time came even close. I have never head more fun than that night. I want to go back to Arnhem someday and trip again. Well, going to trip tomorrow, maybe I'll have another TRIP that's worth writing about!!!!!!

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