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Friday....2:30 pm .. 3.g ROO 6.g CUBENSIS 5 amino acid complex tablets 2.g vitamin c powder 1 cup of orange juice This brew was shaken for about 30 minutes and left to sit for 1 hour , every thing was ground down to powder. 4:30 pm... arrived at destination and ingested . The area im in is dessert like but there is several shallow streams around me and im sitting in front of a large but shallow stream in deep meditation . I didnt notice the onset o! f the trip but can definitley notice the shrooms now , I open my eyes and theres a crane on the other side of the stream feeding , I watched the crane for what seems to be hours , shrooms get very intense , I try a form of meditation and suddenly fall into a sleep like state .

Extremely vivid hallucinations of a desert with the sun in my eyes , hidden in the blinding sun light was an eagle which I caught sight of for a brief moment , then herd its cry . These are the only memory I have of this trip. I regained conciosness at 4:30..am... saturday... feeling extremely scattered and tired , drove home then slept some more . WARNING EXTREMELY SICK DOSE !! ONLY FOR THE STRONG MINDED !!

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